Thursday, September 11, 2008

erotic stories (part 2)

(Disclaimer: The following stories are not my creation. These are selected stories that I liked very much shared by my friends and collected in the internet. Enjoy reading!)

The Torque Round

Hannah always had a hard time getting into the clubs. Even though she was 21, she looked 19, if not younger. Sometimes it was tough to convince them even after seeing her valid ID.

Tonight she waited in line at the Torque Round club, fanning her face with her ID and wondering what kind of trouble she would have tonight. She'd never been to this club before, and decided to give it a try. It was a hot night, so she was wearing almost nothing. A mini skirt that barely did the job; a white, scoop-necked t-shirt that gapped, showing off her smooth, flat belly and dainty pumps that showed off her long, shapely legs.

At the same time, a tall, dark fellow worked his way to the front of the line, stopping to chat with this person and that. He finally stopped and talked to Hannah. He introduced himself as Mark, and said he could get her inside without her having to wait in line. She was suspicious of this older, but distinguished-looking guy, but welcomed the thought of getting into the club without an argument.

Mark smiled to himself when she consented to go in with him. "Come with me," he said. He looked at her appreciatively, admiring her long, dark hair as he took her hand and led her to the front of the line.

"Hi Dirk," Mark said as they neared the front. The bouncer nodded them in and they entered the dark, smoldering atmosphere of the Torque Round. The insistent beat of the music pounded their senses and Hannah looked around, wanting to take it all in. Mark pulled her along with him as he made the rounds; saying hi to people he knew, ordering them drinks, and making his way to a table in the back.

"Thanks for getting me in," Hannah said uncomfortably, wanting to go off and explore the club herself.

"Sure, no problem for a lady as lovely as yourself."

"I need to use the restroom." It was a lie, but she figured if she could get away from, she could sneak back out of the restroom without his noticing and blend in with the crowd.

"Come with me, you can use the restroom in my private office," he said, to her chagrin. Apparently he was the manager or the owner or something. 'Well, this is turning out just great,' she thought. 'Now I'm stuck with this guy for the night.'

"Ok, thanks."

She followed him back to the door marked "STAFF" and followed him through. They went down a long hall and up some stairs, then down another hall and into an office. "It's over there," he said, pointing at a door at the back of the office.

"I'll be right out."

When she came out, he was stretched out on his couch. "Come over here. What's the matter? Do you think I get underage girls in here without an ulterior motive?"

"I'm not underage," she said. "I have ID."

"Yeah, so does half the population of the 18-20 year old demographic around here; that doesn't make them legit. 18-20 year olds are not allowed in establishments that serve liquor. But I will let the occasional hottie in if I think she can prove she's worth it."

"Well, like I said, I'm not underage." She was getting kind of nervous now, this guy was really creeping her out with this talk. But in a weird way she was getting turned on. She could tell he was used to getting what he wanted and that kind of power attracted her. Still, she couldn't let him know that.

"I said come over here. Or I'm going to have to call the police and have you removed for being underage. What's it going to be?"

Playing along, she walked over to him, trembling but excited. He motioned for her to sit down near the middle of the couch on the edge. He was stretched out across the couch, but kind of propped up on the arm.

He took her purse out of her hands and set it down. "Just relax. You're going to like this, I promise."

He slid his hand up under her shirt and began carressing her breasts. Softly at first, one then the other. Then he began pinching and rolling her nipples, which were already hard. "You like this, don't you?"


"You're a very nasty girl, aren't you?"

"Yes," she said, closing her eyes with shame and lust; wanting him to corrupt every inch of her body.

He took her hand and put it on his bulging crotch. She instinctively pressed against it and began rubbing it with her palm. He let out a slight groan and ran his hand up the inside of her leg.

"Yeah, you like that a lot."

He reached up under her skirt and pushed the crotch of her panties aside. She was already moist and his finger slid easilty between her pussy lips.

She let out a soft, breathy moan when his finger found her clit and began slowly circling it. She unzipped his fly and freed his hard cock, which was bigger than she'd seen in her limited experience. "Oh my God!" She was a little surprised and a lot excited.

"You're a nasty little bitch aren't you? You knew why I got you in the club so easily and you know you wanted it. I should punish you for acting so coy."

"Yes! No! Please don't punish me. Just fuck me!"

"Ok, get undressed and I'll let you get on top. You can do the fucking, since you are the shameless, nasty whore."

Hannah couldn't figure it out. She'd never been like this. Had never been turned on by nasty, degrading talk. But here she was stripping her clothes off in a frenzy and as horny as she'd ever been.

When she was through undressing, she saw he was seated upright on the couch, right in the middle. He pulled her over to him and she straddled him, one knee on each side of him on the couch.

He grabbed her ass, one flank in each hand, and gripped tightly. He held her just over his cock and moved her hips around slowly and excruciatingly. She was in torment. She was in the position of control, yet he was really in charge; physically overpowering her desire to impale herself on his cock.

Soon, she was looking for any stimulation she could find and grabbed his head, pressing his face to her breasts. He began licking and sucking, flicking and devouring. When he could hold out no more, he yanked her body down on top of his, impaling her in one swift and sure movement.

She screamed as his cock filled her and he began raising and lowering her over and over. She grabbed the back of the couch for balance and ground her clit against his pubic mound as he pulled her down again and again. She soon realized that he had removed his hands, and that it was SHE who was humping against him like a wild animal; screaming and pushing his face into her breasts.

Soon, she felt the head of his cock expand and then explode, sending her over the edge into her own orgasm in a gale of pants and moans.

After it was over, she sheepishly got dressed while he watched.

"Come back when you're 21. You're comped."

He smiled as she walked out the door, drained and confused.

"What the hell just happened?" she asked herself, as she took her place among the zombies at the bar.

"Barkeep, I'll have a rum & coke."

A Day of Firsts

My high school graduation was a time of firsts. For my school, it was the first time every graduating student was over the age of 18. For my best friend, Cyndi, it was the first time she had the courage to prove her stepfather wrong about something and actually graduate. For me, it was the first time I had sex with a boy. And the first time I had sex with a girl. And the first time I had sex with more than one person at once - and...well you get the idea!

It all started the day before graduation. Cyndi and I were in my bedroom getting ready to go to the rehearsal when she started crying. I put down the dress I had been getting out of the closet and put my hands on her shoulders. "Cyndi, what's wrong??"

"Nothing is wrong, I'm just so happy! (sob)"

"Cyndi!" I put my arms around her in a nice, comforting hug while she shook, the sobs eventually dying down.

"It's just - well, you know my stepfather."

I nodded. I knew her stepfather only too well. Cyndi's father had left when she was 11 and her mother had married this arrogant bastard in less than a year after that - probably out of loneliness and needing to pay the rent. "Go on" I said.

"Well, he is always telling me what a loser I am. That nothing will ever come of me and that I might as well become a prostitute or a phone sex actress! Now here I am, about to graduate high school and I'm going to college in the fall. I did it all on my own - but your emotional support has been what's pulled me through when I didn't think I could do it."

I smiled at Cyndi and we sat down on the edge of my bed. She really had come a long way. She was smart, funny and beautiful in such an innocent way - because she didn't even know she was beautiful - probably because of her stepfather undermining her self-esteem all the time. But *I* knew she was beautiful. I gave her another hug and inhaled the fragrance of her. Before I knew it, I felt her breathing get heavy as her hand slid so slowly and gently under the strap of my bra in the back.

I sucked in my breath, but didn't move. I immediately felt the blood rush to my crotch as I realized what Cyndi was doing. I was shocked but not unhappy - I had often fantasized about Cyndi when I was alone and under the covers at night. I just never knew she felt the same way about me.

Her hand moved, under my bra, around to the front and slid up . . . slowly . . . until the fabric was moved up over my breast, and her hand now covered where the fabric had been. My nipple was growing hard, as she began to carress and knead. She began to say something when I covered her mouth with mine in a long, slow, tounge-teasing kiss.

She broke away and just looked at me, wild-eyed! Then we both ripped off our bras and embraced again, this time it was she who kissed me, and pushed me back on the bed. She continued to kiss me as her hand found my right breast and fully explored it. Cupping, carressing, kneading - and then pinching my nipple gently between her thumb and forefinger and just rolling it so exquisitely that it just drove me insane!

My hips were beginning to writhe a little by this time and she slipped her hand just under the elastic in the waist of my panties. I let out a slow, involuntary moan as her hand slid further under my panties. I felt her fingers slip over my mound and stop just above my clit . . . my pussy lips were already open and my panties were soaking wet.

I began to feel her breasts, too, her nipples were rock hard. It seemed to turn her on just as much fingering me, as it turned me on to get fingered! She started carressing her middle finger over my clit, rubbing it in little circles. Lightly at first, and then harder and harder. Until she was pressing against it so hard that the juice from my pussy made her finger slip off and then she'd do it again! Over and over - faster and harder! My hips were bucking against her hand, as I sucked on her tounge and clutched at her breast.

I heard Cyndi moan, a lustful and whimpering moan, and that was more than I could take. My orgasm shook my body and the bed and my thighs clutched her hand to my crotch as wave after wave swept over me. I fell limp against the bed when I heard a knock on the door!

We both jumped up and went to opposite areas of the room, quickly putting on our bras and dresses as I said, "Yes!"

"Are you girls almost ready? It's time to go..."

"Yes, Mom."

"Ok, I'll wait down in the car. Hurry up, you two."

I grinned at Cyndi and she grinned back at me, both of us knowing that her turn would come later.

Poppy and the Public Toilet

It’s a warm summer’s day and Poppy is out walking in the park wearing a vest and a short skirt.
The heat is making her horny and decides to cool off by splashing some water on her in the public toilet.
The Women’s is closed so she goes in to the Men’s instead.
She walks in the door and sees a Man pissing in the urinal and thinks about having some fun.
“You shouldn’t be in here little Girl” says the Man.
“Sorry” says Poppy “I didn’t know this was the little Boy’s room”
“Little Boy’s?” says the Man “I’m all Man Honey”
“Then show me” says Poppy.
The Man turns around with he’s cock hanging down.
It’s about 8 inches long and really thick.
Poppy can feel herself moisten at the look of it.
“Why don’t you come in the cubicle with me little Girl?” he says.
“OK” says Poppy.
They walk in to the cubicle and Poppy locks the door behind them and pulls the Man’s trousers down to He’s ankles.
She takes a hold of he’s cock and pulls the foreskin back and licks from he’s balls up to the tip of it.
She spits on it and takes it all in her mouth and sucks until it is hard.
The Man close’s he’s eyes and moans with excitement.
Poppy sees he’s eyes are closed and reaches for her knife.
She stands up and forces it against he’s throat.
“What the fuck you doing?” he says.
“Having some fun” says Poppy “Now pull my knickers down like a good Bitch”.
The Man lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers to her thighs and a big strap on dildo pops up.
“Turn around and put your hand on the back of the toilet” Poppy says.
The Man does as he is told.
Poppy stands behind him and puts the dildo against he’s arse hole.
“Ever been fucked in the arse before?” says Poppy.
“No” whimpers the Man.
“Well you are now” says Poppy with a little laugh.
She forces the head of the dildo straight in and the man winces in pain.
“Did that hurt Baby?” says Poppy.
“Yes. Yes it did” he says.
Poppy leans in until the dildo is fully inserted and her thighs are fully against the back of the Man’s legs.
“Please stop” the Man begs.
Poppy just laughs at him.
She reaches around and starts wanking he’s fat cock as she is pushing in and out with the dildo.
The Man starts to cry in fear and pain.
“Don’t worry Baby” says Poppy “Cum for me and it will be all over”.
She continues fucking him hard and wanking he’s cock even harder until he shoots a load all over the toilet seat.
Poppy pulls the dildo out of he’s arse and pulls her knickers up and pulls her skirt down..
“Lick up your cum for me, Baby and you are a free Man”.
The Man takes a lick and Poppy laughs at him.
She unlocks the door and runs out leaving the Man sobbing on the floor with he’s trousers around he’s ankles.


Poppy and her Broken Down Car

Driving on a rainy motorway Danny is feeling the urge for sex.
Something naughtier than sex.
Out of the corner of he’s eye he sees a Girl broken down on the side of the road and decides to pull over to help her.
He pulls in in front of her car and she walks up to the window.
He can see from he’s wing mirror that she is a beautiful.
He winds down the window.
“Thanks for stopping for me” She says “Do you have a mobile phone I could use?”
Danny stops and thinks about this.
He wants to get her in the car with him.
“I don’t have my phone with me” He says” I can run you to a service station if you like?”
“Thanks a lot. That’s real nice of you. Do you mind if I ride in the back?” She says.
“No. Not at all” He says.
She opens the back door and gets in and shuts the door behind her.
Danny indicates and pulls out on to the motorway.
He takes a glance in to the rear view mirror and sees how young and pretty she is.
Very young.
She sees him looking.
“My names Danny” He says.
“I’m Poppy” She says.
“You look quite young to be driving” He says.
“I’m 18. I just passed my test and got that old banger and now it breaks down and I didn’t know what to do” She says.
Danny looks back in the mirror and tilts it down a little.
Her skirt has ridden up and he can see her suspenders holding up her tights.
Danny can feel his cock hardening at the thought of lifting her skirt to see if she is wearing any knickers.
He hopes she’s not.
Poppy leans in between the front seats.
“Pull in over there” She says.
She takes a look down at Danny’s trousers and see’s he has a stiff cock.
She smiles to herself.
Danny pulls the car in and finds a place to park.
“Why don’t you climb back here and bring that hard cock with you” She says.
Danny can’t believe he’s luck.
He climbs back and sits next to her.
“Why don’t you undo your trousers and pull them down for me?” She says.
He pulls them down and he’s cock pops up.
“You have a nice big hard cock, Danny” She says.
Reaching down to it she pulls hard on Danny’s foreskin.
Harder than he likes.
“Not so hard Girl. It’s not a toy” He says.
She pulls on it even harder.
“You fucking idiot. That hurts” He says.
With that, Poppy pulls out a knife and holds it to he’s throat.
Poppy starts wanking he’s cock hard and fast.
She can sense Danny’s fear and she can feel her pussy start to moisten.
Wanking he’s cock faster and faster he starts to moan a little.
With a twitch of he’s cock he shoots a massive load all over her hand and on the front of he’s shirt.
Poppy puts her hand to he’s mouth.
“Lick your cum off my hand” She says, pushing the knife in to he’s throat a little harder.
Danny licks his cum off her hand and winces at the disgusting taste.
“Horrible, isn’t it” Says Poppy letting out a little laugh.
“Now, I’m going to get out of this car and you don’t move big boy” She says.
She opens the door, gets out, stabs the knife in to the back tire and runs off leaving Danny in shock with he’s cock out and the taste of cum on he’s lips.


by Jenn Till

Julie had accepted the job to house sit for good friends who were going
to be gone for about a week on vacation to Mexico.

At the time, it seemed the perfect escape. Since she was in between
jobs, she had the time and although it didn't "pay" much, she looked
forward to the being away from the norm.

She drove them to the airport, bid fond farewells, and assured them
that all would be well.

When she got back to the house she found it well-stocked with food and
was contemplating catching up on some good reading and maybe some

Their house was located in a peaceful setting near the base of San
Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona. The view of of the peaks was
spectacular and the neighborhood seemed to be very safe.

That night, her friends called to say they had settled in to their
hotel and wanted to know if she found everything comfy.

Julie, at 26, was very attractive. At 5' 8" and just 118 lbs. she
worked out regularly and her blond shoulder length hair and blue eyes
attracted more than her share of longing stares from men and women

Although not exceptionally busty, Julie had an hour glass figure and
tight butt.

It was her looks that caught Jim's eye when Julie was at the local
supermarket to pick up a few personal items.

Jim was a big, strong man and would never let a good looking woman get
away. When he felt the urge, he would drive down to Phoenix and find
a girl he could have his way with and act on his every whim. Jim was
not a nice guy. He never intended to be. If he couldn't buy a girl
for the evening, he would find one and literally take her. He hadn't
been caught....yet.

Unbeknownst to Julie, Jim was discreetly stalking her.

Julie decided to rent a movie and took the empty video case to the
rental counter.

Jim was out of eyesight but could hear Julie clearly give the address
and phone number where she was staying. He was more than pleased when
he overheard her tell the rental clerk that she was housesitting for a
week and was willing to give them a credit card as security if they
required it.

"She's alone", Jim thought to himself. He had already noticed she
wasn't wearing a wedding band.

That night, Jim worked on his plan to get to Julie. He fantasized
heavily about how she looked and got a raging hardon playing out a
scenario of taking her with her begging him not to hurt her.

He had the plan masterminded as he drifted off to sleep.

Jim had had a lot of jobs and wasn't very good at keeping them. One of
his jobs was as a cable installer and he was pleased that he kept one
of the shirts which identified him as an employee.

When Julie went to answer the door on that clear Wednesday afternoon,
she wasn't alarmed at Jim's hulking figure in the doorway. His appear-
ance with his company shirt identified him as "Jim" on one side, and
Cablevision on the other.

"Mrs. Brown?" Jim asked with a clipboard in his hand.

"No, they aren't here right now, can I help you?"

"I'm checking interference on the system in this area and I show that
your line is needing further checking." Jim announced in his most
authoritative voice.

He also took note that Julie was wearing a pullover light dress that
did little to hide her firm bust bulging over the dress' elastic top.

He noticed her hesitation and was afraid she wouldn't admit him so he
added, "It won't take but a few minutes, ma'am, and if I don't check
it now, I won't be able to come back until next month."

She didn't want to delay service for the Browns by being overprotective
so she replied, "I guess it'll be okay....come on in."

Jim asked her to show him to the living room and the cable box and
busied himself poking around the TV and the system.

"Is there another TV ma'am?"

"I think there's a second TV in the bedroom," Julie answered.

Perfect thought Jim.

"....Ah, ma'am, if you could show me to it....we aren't allowed to work
on units without the customer being there." He didn't know if this
ploy would work but Julie fell for it and escorted him down the hall to
the Brown's large master bedroom suite.

Julie was staying in the guest room and only noticed the second TV
there when she had gone to the second bathroom looking for Q-tips.

She sat on the corner of the bed as Jim, once again, began to fiddle
with the TV, the wires, and the cable box.

"Okay...I think I've located the problem but I need to test their VCR
connection to make sure everything works okay."

He had noticed that the Browns had an adult cassette and quickly popped
it in the machine before Julie noticed.

The image on the screen was a closeup of two women kneeling in front of
a huge, wavering hardon with them taking turns sucking and licking on

"Oh!" Julie was so shocked at the image before her that she didn't know
what to say or do.

She suddenly felt very vulnerable and realized the potential for danger
when she noticed Jim leering at her.

"I think it looks like it's working fine," Julie stammered out as she
started to get up and go towards the bedroom door.

Jim's dick wasn't going to be denied this fine little piece and he
quickly moved to close and block the door so she couldn't leave.

Now Julie was panicked. She suddenly realized that this guy was after

"What are you doing!?" Julie blurted out and visibly shaking.

"Oh...I just thought we might have a little fun." Jim half smiled/half

"I don't think you want to jeopardize your job, do you?" Julie was
really scared now. And she tried to appeal to his sensibility.

This guy could easily overtake her. He must have been 6' 3" and 230

The sounds coming from the video permeated the room and contributed to
the tension as Julie realized she had no where to go.

The man in the video groaned loudly in ecstasy as the girls were ver-
bally fighting over who would claim his spurting cum as their prize.
The scene didn't go unnoticed by either of them as Julie began to un-
consciously take a step backward not knowing where or how she would

"Let's see what you're hiding there little lady..." Jim letchered and
moved toward her.

In one swift motion, Jim reached out and ripped the top of her dress
down from her firm breasts.

"NO!" Julie screamed and tried to cover herself but Jim was much too
much for her.

In moves that were only matched by a professional cowboy attacking his
roped calf, Jim snatched a necktie from a rack behind her and had tied
her wrists in nearly one motion. Jim smiled to himself at his quick
handywork and was thankful for one his jobs as a ranch hand.

Julie was horrified and shocked that she was so quickly overcome. Be-
fore she could scream out any more, Jim had just as quickly gagged her
mouth and threw her on the bed.

He grabbed two more neckties and tied each of her ankles to each of the
posts on the large brass bed.

In a matter of a few seconds, Julie lay splay-legged on her back with
her hands tied behind her back and her breasts poking up lewdly.

Julie's eyes were wild with fear while Jim's dick began to harden with
the excitement of it all. This was the part he liked best; seeing his
victim helpless and available to satisfy any of his urges.

Thoughts raced through Julie's brain. She had no idea whether she
would be killed and was helpless to protect herself from this monster.

As she lay there with her breasts exposed, her nipples were hard as
erasers both from fear and being exposed to the air. They heaved up
and down as she struggled to get her breath. Jim watched her in
fascination knowing he could take his time with this prize. No hurry.
No one was expected.

He reached out and ran his palm over her right nipple then cupped the
breast firmly and fully. He didn't believe in brutalizing his victims
or hurting them unnecessarily if it was at all possible. What he found
was that by treating them nicely, they almost never pressed charges.
And miraculously, most would end up surrendering themselves to him with
a majority even enjoying the experience!

Julie had no choice but to let him have his way with her.

Jim "massaged" her other breast and then leaned over to lick and suck
first one, then the other. This he did very slowly and deliberately
and intended on eliciting a positive response rather than a negative
one from her.

Julie tried desperately not to enjoy his attentions in any way. Her
body, which hadn't had any attention since she broke up with her boy-
friend months ago, betrayed her by responding.

"Pweef....mhy ahrms," she tried to talk through the gag and get him to
release her bonds.

"Whasamatter baby....your arms hurt?"

He rolled her over and released one arm and quickly secured it to the
nearest bedpost.

She thought about inflicting a blow with her free hand and then real-
ized she couldn't hurt him. It would only serve to make him mad and
possibly hurt her.

She played this out quickly in her mind as he made his way around to
the other side of the bed and secured the free arm.

There she lay like a four point star.

"Better?" He asked with a smile trying to allay her fears.

She just lay there staring at the ceiling...helpless.

Jim sat back on a sofa chair and eyed his handywork. He reached next
to him and found a loose curtain rod laying on the floor. It was one
of those adjustable brassy looking ones and he suddenly decided he
could have a little more fun.

From his position on the sofa chair, he extended the rod so he could
reach under the hem of her dress.

He teased along her calf and leg and inched the dress up her thighs
teasing him and her at the same time.

"Nice legs fact, nice everything."

He raised her dress up to where her right thigh was so exposed, he
wondered if she was wearing panties.

As it turned out, she was wearing "high riser" Calvin Kleins and her
entire leg was exposed before he saw the panty band high on her hip.

"Mmmmmm....very nice..."

Julie tried to writhe away from the rod and cause her dress to cover

Jim went out to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of whiskey and
a pair of scissors. Jim took a long pull on the bottle of Jack Daniels
and started to cut her dress off of her.

Now Julie lay only in her panties and Jim's eyes zeroed in on the
moistened crotch of those Calvin panties.

He took another pull on the bottle and started to unbuckle his pants
and remove the rest of his clothes.

Julie couldn't help but notice his huge dick as his pants and underwear
dropped to the floor. She was panicked at the thought that he would use
this massive tool on her.

Jim got himself up on the bed and straddled Julie's torso facing her.
His tool bobbed above her breasts and the end of it was close to her
chin. He reached over to the nightstand and covered his dick and her
breasts with some hand lotion. He massaged the excessive amount of
lotion on his dick and especially between her breasts. While rubbing
her breasts, he placed his rod between her swollen tits and pushed
them together to surround him.

"Mmmmmmmm". He gently rocked his dick back and forth between her
breasts and with his other hand reached back to rub her crotch.

Julie could only lay there helpless and tried in vain to release her-
self from her bindings. She also tried not to feel his insistent
finger manipulations of her panty covered pussy but her juices began
to flow in spite of herself.

"Atta girl.....gettin' nice and wet aren't ya....." Jim had always
fantasized about cumming like this....plowing his dick between two
gorgeous pillows of breasts and squirting his cum all over her chest
and chin.

The friction and the sight of her was too much. As he slid between
her boobs on an upthrust, his cock shot out a load of cum and splashed
against her neck.

Simultaneously Julie's pussy acted as if it had a mind of its own and
Jim's fingering of her clit caused her to convulse in orgasm.

"nnnnnggnnnnnnhhh" Jim shot again and got chills again and again from
his own orgasm and felt sure Julie was cumming under him.

Julie silently hoped he was through. What she didn't know was that he
had only just begun.

Jim grabbed the base of his still hard dick and pumped out the remain-
ing drops of cum on each of Julie's cheeks. He then rubbed his spilled
cum all over both breasts and, once again, appreciated their tightness.

Julie tried to speak against the gag and Jim swiftly removed it and
said, "If you scream, it goes back on and I won't take it off again!"

Julie barely whispered a "thank you."

He got up from Julie and got a towel out of the bathroom and dried
himself of the mixture of cum and lotion. In a gesture of good will,
he gently dabbed at Julie's chest and face to sop up some of his
spilled seed.

He took pains to make her feel at ease even though he had complete
control over her. She lay without showing any emotion either way.
He sat down again next to her on the bed and took another pull of the
bottle of whiskey and motioned it toward Julie.

Julie wasn't sure how to act or react. She was still totally helpless
and she felt certain screaming wouldn't help anyway. This whole thing
was both repulsive and exciting all at the same time. It appeared to
her that Jim wasn't going to hurt her but she couldn't be sure. But she
certainly wasn't going to get drunk with him!

She turned her head when offered the bottle and quietly said, "no."

Jim simply picked her head up and poured whiskey down her throat
causing her to choke but swallow some down too. "Whasamatter...don't
you drink.....are you some kind of Polly Pure?"

Julie's mouth burned from the whiskey and she could feel it burning
all the way down her esophagus.

"You're not a virgin are you?"

She refused to answer any of his questions and he didn't really press
her. They were more to taunt her than anything she felt.

Jim poured more whiskey down her.

This time it went down a little easier and she didn't he
poured more down her with some spilling on her breasts.

He leaned over and licked up the excess and Julie heard herself giggle
at his tickling tongue.

She suddenly felt very hot and very relaxed in spite of her situation
and she knew the whiskey was numbing her to what was happening.

"Aht's my girl! YOU can enjoy this too!" Jim was proud of
getting her drunk so quickly. She obviously wasn't much of a drinker
but hell, he had poured nearly half the bottle down her throat.

He didn't want to get too drunk himself. He knew that his hardening
cock would let him down if he got bombed. He stood up to set the bottle
on the nightstand and when he did, his dick was once again near Julie's

She was eye to eye with his pee-hole and the head of his dick looked
the size of a large plum. Under normal circumstances, she might have
thought he had a nice looking cock but here and now, it looked

"Do you like to suck cock?......sure ya do!" Jim moved his cock to
her mouth without waiting for her acceptance.

"You bite it and I'll kill you!"

Suddenly Julie saw his bad side again. He was going to get what he
wanted and she had to be the one to give it to him.

Jim introduced his cock gently in spite of being in total control.
He neither wanted to hurt her or him and he knew his girth was some-
thing to take. He gave her the head of his dick then pulled back a

Gently....back and forth....a little more length with each thrust.
Julie could taste the salty taste of fresh cum on him. It wasn't
unpleasant and she grateful that he wasn't "raping" her mouth but
allowing her to take him as she could.

She was afraid if he went too far down her throat, she would throw up
the liquor which was causing her brain to fog and her body to go limp.

Jim settled into a nice in and out rhythym with her mouth but wasn't
going to cum least not yet. He looked at her wet panties
again and reached for the scissors to cut the remaining garment from

He didn't miss a stroke in her mouth and Julie barely felt her panties
being taken from her body but she saw him bring them to his face.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm..........You smell WONDERFUL!" He was inhaling her
scent like it was a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Julie could feel his cock harden with the added sensation of smell.
In fact, as he brought them to his face, she could smell herself! Was
she really this aroused with this brute?

"That's enough!" Jim barked and pulled his cock out of her mouth. "I
want some of that!" he pointed to her open pussy.

Julie was almost ashamed that she had taken such care in keeping her
pussy hair trimmed. Although she did it for her bikini, she felt that
he thought it was for his benefit as he moved his head down between
her legs.

"Please......." Julie pleaded in a half-hearted attempt to gain some

"Don't mind if I DO!" Jim purposely mistook her plea to mean she
wanted him to go down on her.


Jim's mouth hungrily layed into her open, wet lips with a gusto Julie
didn't anticipate. She was taken by surprise at the contact and the
renewed feelings his mouth, lips, and tongue were giving.

Even though she knew this was him taking her, she still was enjoying
the manipulations. Her whole crotch felt both on fire and with
heightened sensitivity after just having been manipulated by his

Jim continued to lick furiously her slit. The taste was unlike any
other he had had before. He couldn't explain it himself but she was
both sweet and pungent and her aroma was driving him nuts. He licked
her from bottom to top and continued up to her breasts again. Then
back down to her bottom and Julie was shocked that she felt his tongue
on her most sensitive area between her anus and pussy.

"Ohnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo"....her sounds were betraying her and giving him
the message she was enjoying this.

Jim kept it up long enough to make "sure" he had her going....and
cumming if possible. Not that he cared if she came but he knew that
the better his victims felt, the less likely they were to file any

He knew that there was a certain amount of guilt that the victims felt
if they "enjoyed" what was happening to them. How could they possibly
complain when they had the biggest cock they ever had and most of their
best fantasies were fulfilled?

Jim took her hardened clitoris into his mouth and gently gnawed on it
like it was a little cock. He slurped and sucked on it being very
deliberate with his moves and let his tongue take an occasional swipe
at her opened lips soaked with their mutual juices.

Julie, once again, couldn't stop the wave that she was being swept up
in. With absolutely no control over her sex, her body convulsed in an
earth-shaking climax the likes of which she couldn't remember ever
having. She didn't know if it was being totally dominated or her recent
drought that brought such an orgasm on. Surely it couldn't be this
animal's adminis-trations!? Before she could give it any thought, her
body lifted up off the bed and shook uncontrollably in another wave of
ecstacy. Her body had betrayed her!

Jim silently gloated in his conquest of this nymphet. He knew he had
her. She was his and he now felt that as long as he didn't hurt her,
she would not likely press charges. He knew the signs. He knew when
he had them.

Julie's body continued to convulse in the waves of orgasms...she didn't
even know she was capable of multiples!

Jim gradually backed off his mouthing manipulation and now felt his
own rock hard cock wanting in her. He kissed and licked his way up her
torso....tormenting her further with his tongue and lips and ending up
suckling at both breasts.

Julie's nipples were so sensitive that when he nipped at them, she
shuddered again and again...mewling her appreciation audibly.


Jim moved up to her neck and laved it with his wet face and mouth. He
sucked on her neck but just short of leaving any marks. Marks are an
automatic rape charge. He knew that from past experience too.

Julie's head went from side to side as Jim licked and sucked all over
her neck covering her in juices. She could now smell how excited he
had made her and her head was spinning in a heady delirium of lust and

Without letting up on her neck, Jim layed his heavy tool on the length
of her juiced pussy and gently glided it over her entrance again and
again. He was careful not to enter her...even by "accident."

Julie barely felt the weight of his body on her but could feel his
massive tool as it grazed her sensitive clit. It was like he wouldn't
let up on it and like "it" had a mind of its own! She thrust up to
meet him but he made sure she couldn't "capture" his prick.

Jim hovered to keep his weight off of her and sawed his tool on her
inflamed pussy lips.

Julie was anabashed at her role in this. She was no longer the sub-
missive but was taking an aggressive role. She wanted him to fuck

"ungh..." she lunged up again and again to feel that monster inside
her but Jim just laughed at her predicament. He was thoroughly
enjoying the teasing he was giving her.

".....what?"...he taunted. "Whadyawant?"

"YOU KNOW YOU BASTARD!" she hissed.

"Tell me.....c'mon......tell me what you need."

"I NEED IT!" Julie almost screamed it out.

Jim continued to keep his hulk just out of her reach but made sure his
dick slid over soaking lips tormenting her.

".......Need what angel?"


He owned her.

In one motion, Jim took his cock and slid into the most hot, wet,
tight, pussy he had had since he took that 15 year old last year.

"UNNNNNNNNNNNNGH!" Julie felt the massive invasion but was so wet
and loose (from the booze) that she rode him like he was a stallion
on a full gallop. "PLEASE!...UNTIE ME!!!!!"

Jim reached down without missing a stroke and released the bonds on
her ankles.

Julie furiously wrapped her legs around his waist making certain the
cock that was in her went to the hilt.

Jim was so certain of how he had her that he released her wrist bonds
after a few more strokes.

She hung on to him for dear life as he lowered his full weight on her
and pistoned into her with a fury she had never known from any partner
she had ever had.

Jim was excited but his earlier cum had allowed him to slow his orgasm.

Julie, on the other hand, was fucking him like he was her first and
only! With each thrust, she rode to a higher and higher peaks and
after each dozen or so of his strokes, screamed out in blissful
orgasms one after another.

Jim could hold back no longer. "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" His balls felt as
if she were sucking them up into her and spewed out what was left of
the cum stored in them. He convulsed so hard she thought he was having
a heart attack.

She felt his hardness in her and with each of his contractions, her
pussy "gloved" him nearly pulling his dick from him.

Both of them froze at the pinnacle of each other's orgasms and Jim
fell on her in complete exhaustion.

He felt like she had fucked him to death!

Both were unable to move and were breathing like they had run a 10k

Julie knew this was her window of opportunity but she still felt the
effects of the alcohol and was completely limp from the workout she
had gotten.

Jim smiled at her, got up, got dressed, and walked out of the house
without a word.

Julie was stunned. Now she didn't know if she imagined the whole
thing! Her hand went to her sore pussy and realized that she really
had been raped, or had she?

The Bungling Burglar
By JennTill

Carrie wasn't very well accepted by her friends. They made her feel
"shunned" alot. Even though she was only 15, she knew that the reason
they didn't accept her was that she was already growing a little too
fast. She was blossoming into womanhood a little too quickly. Boys
were starting to act interested but Carrie was proud of her tomboy
ways and wasn't ready to give them up yet even now as she was
approaching "womanhood".

AS she was growing up, Carrie got a special thrill out of entering
her friend's and neighbor's houses when she knew they weren't home.
It was very thrilling for her and her own private secret. It somehow
made her very excited to go through other people's things when they
weren't there.

The object of her desires was usually their "adult" drawer or closet.
The first time she ran across someone's personal effects was when she
was about 13. Her girlfriend Susie had really young parents. She
would guess her Dad to be in his early 30's but they acted much

When Susie and her parents went on vacation, they gave Carrie a key
to their house to "keep an eye" on it while they were gone...kind of
for emergencies. They said she didn't have to stay there but to go
over and make sure the plants were watered and that food in the fridge
didn't spoil or stink.

Well it was on one of her "stays" at the house that the lure of her
friend's parent's bedroom was just too much. Just walking in the
room gave her loins an electric jolt that she couldn't explain. But
she knew she liked it and that she was hooked!

As she surveyed their bedroom, she could imagine what went on there.
Susie's Dad was a tall, handsome man with long, blond, wavy hair. He
reminded Carrie of the guy from the romantic novels..Fabio but not as
bulked up. He had a great smile and she could tell that Jim (Susie's
Dad) was crazy about his wife (Susie's Mom) Cheryl.

Cheryl had Susie when she was only 15 so she was just 28 then. She
was very petite but had a very full bustline. Carrie suspected that
she had had her boobs done but they looked so natural and perfect that
it didn't matter whether she had or not.

Since the Giffords had their own pool and spa, Carrie had plenty of
opportunity to notice both Jim's large bulge where his tight swimsuit
clung, and Cheryl's ample breasts and full heart-shaped rear.

When she and Susie would go over there on the weekends, she always
noticed how Jim and Cheryl would huddle in the hot tub and have these
intimate conversations between them and be giggling. After an hour or
so in the hot sun, they would try to "quietly" slip away into this
very bedroom where she was now standing!

As young as they were, she and Susie knew what they were up to...but
Carrie wanted to know MORE!

So she pulled open this drawer and that one....just a little snooping
never hurt anyone right? Besides, she knew they weren't going to
come home...but what was that! A car pulled up in the driveway! Her
heart started beating a mile a minute as her adrenylin kicked in and
she ran to the window! Barely peering through the blinds she
realized it was only the afternoon paper being delivered...the car
was pulling out of the driveway just as her heart was thumping like

This was a turning point for Carrie....she knew she liked the rush of
almost being caught where she shouldn't be but she didn't know WHY!
And she knew she really didn't ever want to be caught.

She went back to the bedstand and pulled out their bottom drawer.
WOW! What was this? It looked like the biggest penis she had ever
seen in her life! She reached in and pulled out the rubber dildo that
had a switch on it. She switched it on and it started to vibrate and
twitch. Even at 13, Carrie knew what this was for and was totally
hypnotized by the writhing object. She didn't know why but she felt
compelled to smell it.

The smell was unlike anything she had smelled before....real exotic,
pungent, maybe even a little sour but most of all...EXCITING! Her
pussy started to heat up with this aroma she was smelling giving her
an exotic "heady" feeling. Then she started to get wet...that
exciting wetness that made her want.....want what?

That afternoon Carrie experienced sex like she never had before. She
had the touch of the closest thing to a man's dick she had ever felt.
She had the smell that sent her senses reeling, but most of all, she
had a climax from that vibrating thing that she had never given her-
self before! She dared not take her clothes off when she touched the
thing to herself. She just barely put it to her own pussy covered
with her shorts...she was afraid to undress or go any further because
she might put her own "smell" on it and be found out! And the whole
time she pictured Jim's bulge under his swim trunks as her body shud-
dered out orgasm after orgasm from the vibrating dildo.

So now it's 2 years later and Carrie is almost obsessed with "break-
ing and entering" her friends and neighbors houses. She considers it
very harmless stuff but in reality, she knows how wrong it is to do
this. At 15, she still gets bored quite often and her body demands
the thrill of having a climax in somebody else's bedroom. When she
isn't actually doing it, she's fantasizing about doing it.

She is obsessed with going through other's private things and has now
graduated to taking a few objects here and there. She has her own
nice collection now of porno books and mags....ben wa balls (although
she's not sure how to use them or what they do), and some rubbers in
exotic colors. She has also managed to steal 2 small
black one with a gold head and another that is more like a standard
sized rubber vibrating one.

The black one with the gold head is the one that got her virginity.
As her favorite, she keeps fresh batteries in it and likes the com-
pactness and feel of it in her pussy. It's big enough but small
enough. After all, she wouldn't want her future husband to wonder
how she got such a big pussy if she hadn't been with a man.

The house she's in now is the Cantarra's house. He's a young Italian
meatcutter and they have a 3 year old that Carrie babysits once in
awhile. Last night, while babysitting, Carrie unlatched the bathroom
window so she could get back in tonight. Sal and Linda (and their
baby) were going across town to her parent's house and Carrie knew
they'd be gone for awhile.

She snooped the night before just enough to find Sal's huge magazine
and video collection. She had already taken a video or two but
wanted to see one that had 2 women doing each other on the box. She
was going through the videos the night before just as they came home
and she had hurriedly put everything back just in time!

As she makes her way through the dark house, she notices the LED
clock that says 8:12 p.m. Good, they won't be home for hours.

She goes into their bedroom and with her maglite she flashes it
through Sal's video collection once more. She pulls out one, two,
then three boxes spreading them out on the floor and shining the beam
of her light on the covers.

Sal is in his Acura speeding home to get the baby's crib. He can't
imagine how Linda could have forgotten to pack's always like
moving day when you have a child. They hadn't really planned to
spend the night at her parents but Melinda wouldn't sleep unless she
had her own crib.

As Sal comes down the street that "T's" into his driveway, he sees
what looks like a faint light in his bedroom. A burglar? Sal decides
to turn and park down the street. His own anxieties start to get him
going and he's anticipating coming upon some punk kids burglarizing
his home. He knows they must be kids because he noticed stuff
missing....little things. He quietly approaches his bedroom window
and sees the familiar "blue" of the bedroom TV and the figure on the
floor in front of it.

Sal doesn't know what to make of this situation! Then he notices
that on the screen is Linda and he fucking! This little pervert has
their own private video that they made last year! What the hell!

Sal ever so quietly sneaks over to the other window to see if he can
make out this little bastard intruder... It's CARRIE! His own baby-
sitter is watching he and his wife getting it on!

Carrie can't believe her luck at finding a "personal" tape of the
Cantarra's fucking! She knew that Sal, with his great Italian/greek
looks, was probably hung but she couldn't believe what a gorgeous
cock he had. And here was his wife Linda slurping and sucking on his
dick like it was the best and only popsicle of the summer!

Carrie started to become hotter and hotter....she couldn't believe
this find and was totally entranced by the images on the screen. She
knew she couldn't snag this for her own personal collection as it
would surely be missed. As she continued to watch her own pussy was
starting to get hotter and hotter and she felt that familiar wetness
that demanded attention. Mmmmmm she could only imagine what it would
be like to take a cock like his in her mouth and try to take it all
the way down her mouth. She had tried it with a cucumber but it just
wasn't the same she knew. She was in a trance with her hand down her
pants and gently massaging her nub....building and building to what
she knew would be a wonderful cum.

It was nearly 9 o'clock straight up when the snarling figure of Sal
Canterra was looming in the doorway and hissing, "What the fuck are
you doing!"

OHMIGAWD! Carrie was totally Panicked! Where could she run!...what
could she say!!?

Sal caught her red handed and red pussied and she knew she was busted
big time.

"I...I.....ah...." She stammered totally at loss for words. She
didn't know what he would do. "I'm sorry....I thought I left some-
thing last night....."

"Yeah...sure you did!"..he snarled. "I'll bet you're the little thief
who's been stealing from everyone around here right?" How could they
know! "You don't think neighbors talk, eh?"

"We knew someone was ripping us off and it's you!....I'm calling the
police!" Sal started to reach for the bedside phone. "NO!" "Please
don't call the cops!" "MY PARENTS WILL KILL ME!"

Sal started to re-assess the situation. Ever since Linda had the
baby he noticed she turned into a mother instead of the sex kitten
he dated and eventually married. His dick hadn't had that special
excitement in quite sometime and this could be just what he needed
and in complete confidentiality if he played this right.

Carrie was frozen! She didn't know what to make of this situation
and she didn't like the way Sal was looking at her. Somehow she knew
this was exactly what she feared most!

"I don't see any other option but for me to call the cops and get
your little ass off the street and out of our houses!" Sal was now
enjoying this power role he was inadvertently placed in. Gawd but
he admired this little vixen before. She was a little tomboyish but
her firm boobs gave her feminity away. What he really liked was her
tight ass and those big lips! Carrie was now starting to feel really
threatened, not knowing whether to bolt for the door, window or make
a deal quick! "Please Mr. Canterra, don't call the cops....I'll do
anything!" Just what Sal was hoping she'd say.

He walked to the door and locked it. Then he went to both windows
and, after peering out just to make sure no one else was a witness,
he closed the blinds to outside eyes.

As he made his moves through the bedroom, the tape continued to play
on the TV and, even though the sound was down, Carrie could still
hear the breathing and moans of Sal and his wife fucking on the
screen. She wished she had had the sense to shut it off.

"So, you like watching my wife and I fuck, huh?" "Well, no, I....
ah,..was checking to see if it was a tape I left here last night."
Even she didn't buy the excuse.

"Yeah RIIIGGHT!" "Maybe I should just go ahead and let the cops sort
this shit out," he started to reach for the phone again and Carrie
raced over to him and grabbed his arm.

As she grabbed it, she unwittingly pulled it against her right firm

"Please...PLEASE!...I told you...I will do anything!" Carrie pleaded.

Sal let his arm casually rub against her size C's which he thought
was incredible for a 15 year old. 15! Oh God what am I doing! I'm
teaching this little bitch a lesson that's what!

She looked up at him with huge, blue, pleading eyes and those lips!
She's really going to melt some hearts he thought. Sal took a step
and the back of her thighs were against the bed causing her to sit
on it. "Anything, huh?"........."yes" was all she could whisper.

Sal reached for his zipper and she heard that sound that meant she
would soon be looking at the cock that she had seen his wife sucking.

"You will do exactly as I say!" "Got that!?" Carrie could only nod
in agreement...she knew she had no other choice. She did not want
a criminal record and her parents would surely throw her out of the
house if she were nothing but a common thief stealing from people
who trusted them.

"NO! do it!" Sal looked down at the young face and let his
hands drop to his sides.

This would be the ultimate test of submission on her part. If she did
it, he knew he had her. Carrie only hesitated for a moment when she
saw the phone just beyond Sal's right arm. She took her left hand
and slowly inserted it in his pants opening. She could already feel
the heat and hardness of his hard cock. She knew what it looked like
already and she knew what was next.

"Wait!" Sal said. The gentle touch of strange fingers was almost
more than he could bear. He thought he would cum at her first touch
on his skin. Besides, he was just recalling what she was doing with
those fingers just before he busted her. He took her slim fingers
and brought them to his nose savoring the smell of her pussy juices
on them.

Then, much to Carrie's surprise, he took her fingers in his mouth
and sucked on them ever so slowly. He inserted first one, then the
other in his mouth...then both at once tasting her delicious sweet
juices. She couldn't believe this was happening! He was showing her
what he wanted her to do to him! (Or so she thought.)

What Sal was doing was getting a preview of cumming attractions and
this wasn't a video!

As he sucked her fingers he thought his dick would explode from the
pressure of the buildup. He was now trying to calm her in some ways.
He was licking with the very tip of his tongue in between her point-
ing finger and second finger. .. like he would be licking her between
her legs soon. The inference did not go unnoticed by Carrie. She
thought she would simply melt with lust and an involutary moan
escaped her lips along with a sigh that gave her own sensuality away.

Sal was truly going to enjoy this. It may only be a once-in-a-
lifetime thing and, although he didn't have a lot of time, he wanted
to savor this opportunity. When he heard her moan he knew she would
truly submit to anything. "Please...." was all Carrie could say as
she reached up again with her other hand to get to his cock. The
hardness of him was like nothing she had felt. All the rubber
dildoes were not this firm! And now she wanted to please
give him back some of the sensuality he was teaching her with his
mouth and tongue on her fingers and hand. Oh gawd but it was turning
her on! Or maybe it was the excitement of it all.

Sal let her pull out his thick cock and thought he would explode as
she engulfed it with her sensuous teenage lips and almost immediated
tried to swallow it down.

Carrie couldn't believe how she was acting! She wanted this cock! She
wanted to try and swallow it all the way down and please this man..
make him cum even! She had been dying to know what a man's cum
tasted like!

"OOOOOOOOOhhhh" was all Sal could say. This was more than he could
ever hope or dream for. This sweet young thing trying to swallow his
cock and before he could do anything to hold back, his cock betrayed
him and started to shoot his juice in her mouth. "OOOhhh GAWD!
YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Sal grunted from his very soul and erupted so
much cum that Carrie didn't have a clue what to do when it happened.
She almost gagged and choked as her mouth filled with the salty,
warm, liquid and overflowed her mouth spilling down her chin. But
it was HIS reaction that she couldn't understand! Was she doing
something wrong?!! Was he hating her?!!

"DAMN!" You went and made me cum!" "Now you leave me no choice but
to punish you!"

What? What was he going to do? Carrie was confused and in a state
of panic. In a compartment in their headboard, Sal kept a set of
handcuffs. He quickly retrieved them and before Carrie could react,
"CLICK!" he had them snapped on her wrists in front of her. Was he
going to now call the Police after I did that for him!

"STAND UP YOUNG LADY!" She jumped to her feet with her hands clasped
(and cuffed) in front of her.

Sal reached the front of her jeans and unbuttoned the top of them
and pulled them down to the top of her thighs in one motion. There
she stood cuffed with her jeans pulled down and only her cotton
panties (now clearly wet in the crotch). Sal sat down on the bed
and pulled her across his lap. HE'S GOING TO SPANK ME!! Carrie could
not believe what was about to happen but Sal slid his belt out of
his pants and folded it tip to buckle.

"I'll show you to steal from people!" SWAT! Carrie felt the stinging
as if she were wearing nothing at all. SWAT! Crocodile tears welled
up but she was determined not to let him see her cry. With each
swat...and there were at least 5 or 6 so felt like he was
doing it with more and more pressure. Her ass felt like it was on
fire! Although she could not see his face, she was certain there was
as much fire in his eyes as on her own bottom.

Suddenly she had two distinct different feelings that seemed to go
together: Her bottom, although it burned, stopped hurting. The pain
was replaced by hot heat that, although it eminated from the belt,
she started to feel in the depths of her loins from back to front.
And secondly, although she didn't feel it or notice it before, Sal's
cock had turned rock hard during her strapping and she could feel it
as her thighs involuntarily surged forward from each blow.

As for Sal, he was taking out all of his frustration on this girl's
ass..... He was mad for cumming too quickly. He was mad for falling
prey to her charms and not properly turning her over as he his Dad
thoughts got hold of him. And he was pissed for her intruding in on
their privacy, thereby totally justifying the strap.

He, too, was taken by surprise as his cock rose to a new stiffness
under his and the girl's ministrations. He suddenly stopped the
strapping and surveyed the situation. He dropped his belt to the
bed and reached for some cold cream on the bedstand.

He gently pulled the girl's panties down and saw, to his horror,
bright red welts where her cotton panties had been. Carrie was
moaning both from the pain and the pleasure of it all. She couldn't
differentiate one from the other but she shuddered an orgasm when
her panties were drawn down.

Sal scooped a handful of the cream and gently started to rub it on
the girls fiery bottom.

Her moan and thrust of her pussy into his lap told him that they
both were enjoying this.

He continued to massage the girls bottom marveling at it's firmness
while it felt like it was on fire. His hand moved from one tight
globe of flesh to the the other and when his fingertips touched her
the crack of her ass she shuddered out again and loudly moaned.

"OH Yes!........MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm" escaped from the girl's mouth.

Sal thought his dick would explode again without any stimulation
other than he could feel the soft fuzz of her pussy. He didn't even
see it but he knew it was there. His eyes were taking in her back-
side. The bottom that was red while he could see where her pussy
lips started from just below her ass. Once more he eased his finger
along her entire crack but stopping short of her pussy. Carrie had
red hair...and her pussy hair was just as red.

What surprised him was how pink she was! As he rolled her over off
of his lap, he marvelled now at the front of the girl....her flat
tummy that ended in the V of her sparsley covered pubis. There she
had the prettiest red hair he had seen and it barely covered pink
pussy lips that were puffed up almost red.

Carrie was wearing a white knit sweater and when he lifted it up from
her torso, he marveled at the pink nipples that capped perfect "C"
titties. He had died and gone to heaven!

Carrie, for her part, was being totally submissive. She didn't care
what Sal did to her now. She was his to do as he wished..she deserved
it and she felt that she was being punished for all the wrongs she
had done to everyone.

Sal couldn't help himself...his big paws tried there best to cover
each of the girl's boobs and he wanted to cup and weigh them just to
feel them and compare. He wasn't disappointed. Her pink nipples
were already like erasers from being aroused by the strapping and he
was amazed at how firm her skin was compared to his wife's.

Both of them were in a delicious haze.....he from the nubile body he
was exploring and she from having no control over her bodies
reactions to him. She could feel, with each rub and squeeze here and
there, her pussy...which was already on fire...responding with juices
flowing of it's own free will. She knew she would give herself to
this man. She needed to. He deserved to do with her as he wished.
Hell, he could FUCK her if he wanted.

Sal had no intention of fucking her......there. First he wanted to
taste her. So, he took her handcuffed wrists and placed them at the
head of the bead over the post so she couldn't move. Carrie had no
intentions of fighting him now....she was ready for anything.

Sal pulled her jeans and panties the rest of the way down. He then
removed her sneakers and sox and noticed, once again, how pink she
was. Even her toes were pink!

But it was that pussy that had him entranced. He could tell she was
wet and on fire and all he would have to do is touch it and he bet
she would cum. As for him, he would like to fuck her but he knew
better. If she was a virgin before and wasn't after, well...that
would blow his whole thing if she did try to rat him out.

He was bent on giving her pleasure by giving him pleasure with the
taste of that little red furry patch and those pink lips.

Carrie looked over her heaving pink tipped breasts and saw, for more
times that night than ever before, lust in a man's eyes. Sal was
devouring her and she wanted him too!

Sal reached over to his tie rack and pulled off an old one and sud-
denly blindfolded Carrie.

"NO!" Carrie wanted to watch! But what Sal had in mind he didn't
want her to see.

Now he was spreading her legs apart and as he did so, he bent down
and put his nose inches from that inflamed pussy. He could smell her
femininity from clearly 6 inches away from her! Her aroma was waft-
ing to his nostrils and he had to taste her...he had to!

Carrie was shaking with both anticipation and fear. She couldn't see
anything and although she didn't know what was going to happen, she
was hoping it would good and he would not hurt her.

Sal buried his nose in the red pussy hair and at the same time laid
his tongue on her swollen crack full length. Carrie swooned with the

She had no idea what was actually happening but her loins uncharac-
teristically thrust forward all by themselves! She wanted more!
Whatever it was!

Sal obliged....he was like a man starved for water for days and
lapped at her juiced pussy like a German shepherd laps water out of
a bowl. He was a man obsessed and possessed by the tangy sweet taste
of young pussy!

Carrie's body again betrayed her as she came in waves that she could
not ever recall with the best vibrator. This man was devouring her
core and she was giving it up willingly!

When Sal started to taste that slightly metallic taste just before
a woman is going to cum, he poured it on and made suret that Carrie
wouldn't miss a big O.

Carrie's legs were splayed wide apart now...her pussy was thrust up
as far as she could as it sought the pleasure tongue that caused her
to shudder again and again.

When Sal finished...his cock was rock hard and he had to get relief.
Turning her over, Sal saw what he was sure was a virgin asshole. If
I do her there, she will still be virginally intact and who's the

Although Carrie didn't know what was about to happen, she wasn't too
concerned as Sal made sure that he rubbed her raw bottom some more
and before applying cream, licked her from behind.

Once again, his tongue started from way down low on her pussy which
caused her to push her bottom up to meet his tongue. Since it felt
so good, Carrie didn't care what he did. She thought, for a moment,
that maybe he would fuck her from this position. After all, she had
seen in their video that Sal liked it doggy style.

Sal now moved up to her sphincter and first licked all around it.
Then, when she didn't seem to object to that he licked her directly
on her darker pink opening and tried to insert his tongue there.
OHMIGOSH! What's he doing THERE! Carrie hadn't expected this kind
of assault on her BOTTOM.

But lick he did....and the more he tried to insert his tongue the
more Carrie progressively got used to the idea..even starting to
think it was feeling good..but different!

Sal then added his baby finger to the area but continued to lick and
keep it very moist. When he thought she seemed sufficiently "open" to
the idea of having something poke and prod her butt hole, he grabbed
a glob of cold cream and really went to work on it.

When what seemed like an hour must have passed, Sal was working 2
fingers into Carrie's tight butt hole with little more protest from
her than an occasional moan or OH!

It was time... Sal covered his dick in cold cream and, still using
his fingers on her, started to substitute and introduce his cock to
the stretched hole. Carrie was now not in control at all and
although she was getting used to the idea of something being in her
butt, she wasn't sure she liked it all that much.

All that changed when Sal managed to get the head of his dick just
beyond the tight muscle ring of her butt hole. Carrie was shocked
that whatever Sal was trying to introduce in her was bigger than
anything she had ever felt there before! Sal did not move once he
got beyond the opening. Instead, he controlled the urge to thrust
full length and just barely "inched" his way in her. As he did so,
he reached around the front of her and held her breasts with the
nipples between his forefinger and thumb. This caused Carrie to
shake and shiver and she tightened all of her muscles. Sal thought
that his dick would be broken off by the tight constriction of her
butt muscle. It was more than he could bear and he let out a yelp
that caused him to lurch forward into her ass. She, in turn,
screamed at the penetration.

After stroke after tight stroke, Sal settled into a rhythmn that
Carrie finally found, not only acceptable, but causing her loins to
once again heat up. She was matching him stroke for stroke and Sal
wasn't going to last long. This was too much, her tight ass clench-
ing his dick like nothing he had ever felt before and she was liter-
ally pulling the cum out of his balls with each stroke. She screamed
when he screamed and together they shook like a California quake in
an orgasm that neither of them had ever felt before.

Sal's cock spent what must have been the last semen he could muster
after she had sucked him off dry minutes earlier. Carrie, although
proud for feeling like she had "done' her first man, was thoroughly
exhausted and fell in a heap on the bed.

After he cleaned himself and her up, Sal removed her blindfold and
told her that even though she was good, she was bad. She needed to
see him again the next week or it would leave him no alternative but
to go to the police and report her. And if ever she burglarized
anyone else, he would not hesitate to have her put in jail!

Carrie was both grateful and uncertain about her future.

Sal added that if she did do anyone else's house, she would have to
submit to whoever's house it was and that meant whatever they wanted!


By JennTill

My wife seemed just a little too happy lately and although we
shared an "open" marriage, we still were married nearly 7 years
and the valley we were in didn't make ME that happy. This
prompted me to "keep an eye" on things a little better.

I decided the best way to do this would be to go to work like
normal (I kept my own hours and was an outside salesman) and
park down the street from my house.

Sure enough, around 2 in the afternoon, Gary, one of the
17-year-old neighbor "kids", went to the front door, knocked
and nervously looked around, and my wife let him in.

It seemed like hours went by but it was only a little over an
hour and Gary came out with a too-big-grin and was whistling like
crazy as he bounded down the street away from the house a little
after 3.

That night, I came home like normal, and didn't say much like
normal. I asked how my wife's day was and she ran down a list
of a typical day of routine comings and goings....but no mention
of Gary or his visit.

The next day, I did the same thing and waited most of the day.

This time Gary showed up with a buddy...James. Again, they went
into the house and stayed just a little longer than the previous

This time when they came out, they were both jostling each other
and laughing as they rounded the block and were acting like a
couple of guys who just won a big horse race.

When I got home that night I decided to pry a little further with
my wife...

Nancy or Nan is in her early 30's, is rather tall and has kept
her very trim figure (since we haven't had kids yet). Although
her long, thick hair piled high on her head is what they call
"strawberry blond", her pussy hair is neatly trimmed, wispy fine,
and orange red and has never failed to arouse me with just the
thought of it.

Her tits are high and firm but not excessively's the
pink nipples that sets them apart from others. In fact, Nan's
pink everything makes her unique to other women. I think it has
to do with her fair skin coloring (with some light freckles
sprinkled here and there) and reddish body hair.

She offered nothing more than a routine day in our dinnertime
discussions but that night, she claimed to be "exhausted" and
wasn't in the least bit interested in having sex.

I tried to discreetly get a look at her crotch and it seemed more
pink than normal when she peed. I commented that it looked irritated,
and she further claimed that she may be coming down with a yeast
infection which added more to my inability to "interest" her.

I knew I would have to come up with a plan if I was going to get
to the "root" of what was going on and get some sex of my own again.

I decided to rig my video camera IN one of my living room speakers
and see if I could catch something on tape. I made a lot of noise
with the stereo, swore at it out loud, and claimed it was on the

The next day I went to work as usual and had to play catch up from
all the time I had taken off to spy.

That night, I told my wife that I was working on the stereo and
took the speakers (the one with the mounted camera) out to my
workroom to see what it may have captured.


There was nothing unusual unless it happened after the tape finished
which could have been since it would have ended 6 hours later. I
managed to catch her walking back and forth through the living room
a few times and the high point was her vacuuming. I realized that it
was close to the floor and I had to "pan" it up higher so I aimed it
toward the couch.

It was set up again for the next day. This time I set the timer to
come on at noon. I could hardly wait to check out my "spy tape".

For the majority of the tape there was, once again, nothing. Just
the routine of the day and, at one point, the cable guy came over
to switch out our cable box and I laughed to myself as the camera
caught the crack of his butt while he was bent over installing a
plug and an FM cable.

Just when I thought I had nothing, I fast forwarded and picked up
what looked to be Gary with a young girl friend coming in the room
and sitting with Nan in conversation.

Most of what I got was just the sound of conversation and Gary
seated across from the girls on the couch. I felt lucky to get that.

"So who's your young friend, Gary?" I could hear Nan's voice but
not see her.

"Oh...Mrs. M this is Heather. She's been having a lot of problems
at home lately with her Mom and she really needed someone to talk
to. I knew you could help her."

Most of the conversation was real boring with this "Heather"
complaining about her school, her brother Jimmy, her part-time job,
her mother ignoring her, her mother's boyfriends, etc.

As I was about to wrap it up, I heard Nan's voice on the tape ask,
"What did he do to you?" This question piqued my interest.

Heather was telling my wife about how one of her mother's boy-
friends had come into her room and fondled her during the night
as she slept in her own bed. Ordinarily I would have offered to
have this guy arrested but it was the "way" Heather was telling
the story. It was VERY erotic and like she WANTED him. I guess
this guy was a lot younger than her mom (who wasn't very old
since she got pregnant with Heather when she was 14).

Heather, too, was 17 and complained that her 32 year old mother
didn't understand her. I furthered gathered that Heather's Mom
wasn't serious about any particular guy, had never married...not
even Heather's father and was probably a "player".

My wife was an excellent listener and I could tell, was getting
as aroused as I was as she prodded the girl with question after
question and wanting to hear more of the details. The "heat" of
the conversation was definitely turning up and my wife had her
hand on the knob.

"Then what did he do....?"

I had wished I had some sort of Joystick so I could have mani-
pulated the camera to see better but right now the only "joystick"
was my hardening cock.

I rewound the tape back to where the two had come into the living
room and viewed it frame by frame so I could get a better look at
Heather. I couldn't really see her head or face but she was wearing
tight short shorts and her blouse failed to hide a set of big
knockers like I hadn't seen on any 17 year old! If she was as cute
as her voice and body it's no wonder guys were making plays and mom
wanted her to go away...

I fast forwarded back to where the camera was panned on a fidgety
Gary and picked up Heather's "story". Gary was now getting interested
too as I saw him "casually" adjust his cock in his jeans on at
least 2 or 3 occasions over the more than 1/2 hour Heather took to
describe what "Bill" had done with her.

Heather said she swore she wouldn't tell a soul if Bill would make
her cum. As she had told the story: Bill "caught" her in a sound
sleep while she was having a very erotic dream. He had reached
under her covers and slowly fondled and maniputated her to the
point where she was about to cum in her dream. She had said she
was dreaming of, get this...a GIRLFRIEND because the touches were
so feathery light!

When she awoke to Bill, he smiled in the moonlit darkness and asked
if he should stop. She begged him to continue and confessed that
she had had fantasies about him. This dated back to when they had
gone to the lake and she had seen his big bulge in his Hobie shorts.

When Nan asked where her mother was during this, Heather said that
Bill had gotten her mom so wasted that she had passed out. Even from
her room, she said they could hear her mom's snores.

The conversation continued to heat up pretty good and I could tell
that Gary and my wife were not unused to sharing "intimate" con-
versation. I wondered what else they had shared.

Gary was now rubbing his cock through his jeans blatantly as Heather
went into more detail of how Bill caressed her titties, explored her
drenched pussy, and finally how she begged him to show her his dick.
The "story" as told by Heather, took over half an hour and Gary and
my cock were rock hard and ready to burst when she described finally
getting fucked by Bill and all her many thrills and feelings.

From the sound of Nan's questions I knew she was probably wet from
the juicy story too.

Gary discreetly unzipped himself and indiscreetly pulled out his
rock hard cock right there on my video in my couch and livingroom!

"Sorry Mrs. M....I....I....just can't help it!"

Maybe I didn't have the ability to "zoom" the camera but from its
placement low in the speaker, Gary's cock looked like one of the
World Trade Towers. It was standing straight out of his jeans as
he was leaned back on the couch with legs straight out and his hand
furiously pulling on it as Heather continued her little hot saga.

I guess Nan had seen his dick before as I didn't hear her intervene
or act shocked in any way.

I was stroking my own hard dick as I was transfixed on the kid's
rock hard rod and his stroking the entire length of it. It was big,
but it also had a head on it that seemed the size of a large plum
and nearly as purple. The veins stood out and when he pulled his
balls out from underneath to free them, they were the size of grade
AA eggs in a sac!

It didn't take long for the kid (or ME) to start spurting juice.
I saw white streams of jism shoot out of the tip of that purple
cockhead and heard him "aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh!!!!" as he came.
When I saw this, I managed to spray the front of my workbench with
a load of cum that had built up over weeks. I matched Gary stroke
for stroke and squirt for squirt!

Gary was given a towel by my wife and I saw her pull him up off the
couch and, to my dismay, leave the living room (with Heather I
presume). I was shaking from the excitement of the video. It left
just enough to the imagination that I knew I had to SEE more...but

We have a rather large weight and "rumpus" room with it's own
entrance around back. It was in this room while I was working out
over the weekend that I came up with my plan.

I noticed that the couch and workout bench both appeared to have
whiteish stains which led me to believe this might be where any
funny stuff may be occurring. Nan and I hadn't fucked in the weight
room in over 2 years. I lowered my head down and sniffed the spot
on the couch. Without a doubt, that was the smell of dried sex
juices... and they weren't all that old! I would have certainly
noticed them during last weekends workout.

As I started my routine I looked around the room with a spy's eyes.
I knew that it would be impossible to place the camera discreetly.
I was looking in the full-length closet door mirrors at my 30ish,
tan, and bulked body semi hard dick as I labored at lifting each
barbell in reps.

I noticed behind me the sliding glass doors, the long louvered
windows, then the smaller door that originally accessed the garage.
We had long removed the dividing wall to make this one huge room
complete with Lifestylers, full weight set up, Nordic trac, etc.
No....looking through the windows wouldn't do...they would probably
close the louvers for privacy and that would be that.


It came to me that the closet was nearly void of anything other
than a few stored boxes up above. I could maybe "hide" in there
and wait for the action to happen. There were 3 sliding mirrored
doors and where they joined, we had strategically placed tall,
fake palm trees.

I went inside and peered out through the crack to see if I could
see the whole room...especially the couch. I then slipped out the
other sliding door to see how it looked from their vantage. PERFECT!
I could quietly slide open the door after they arrived and maybe
even video tape them!

I made sure I used plenty of the silicone spray we kept around for
the weights to well lubricate all the doors. I didn't want any
squeaks or noise to give me away.

The next day, Sunday, Nan told me the story of a neighbor girl who
had come over to talk with her confidentially. Finally! She told
me that the girl wanted to come back over tomorrow and said that she
had sounded very distressed when she had called. Nan asked me if I
minded if she could have the girl over tomorrow and would I be sure
and call before coming home so I wouldn't interrupt (what could be)
a tense situation.

Yeah...."tense" alright!

"Well, sure aren't getting yourself in the "middle" of
anything are you?"

"I don't think so...I just think she needs someone to confide in
and who will listen to her."

I called from work just before lunch to check on Nan and her friend.
She said that the girl had called from school and would be leaving
soon and be over. She reminded me to call before barging in on them.

I tore out of work and headed for the street one over from mine. I
parked and smiled to myself as I remembered having left the video
camera with 2 back up batteries in the closet. I even remembered to
hide some lubicating jelly for me just in case.

My plan was working fine as I slipped in through the back of the
house with no noise and saw Nan at the kitchen sink with no clue of
my presence. When I went in the back door to the weight room I
noticed that Nan had dressed it up a little with fresh flowers and
some room freshener possibly anticipating something. This fit right
in with the plan. I had hoped she didn't go into the closet as I
quietly slipped inside and slid the door closed!

I pulled out my pen light and quietly "went to work". The camera
was set up on a tripod in one end of the closet overlooking the
couch while I went to the other end to listen for the door bell.
Moments later, I heard the doorbell and Nan inviting Heather in
and getting them both something to drink. The hall door was cracked
so I could hear them clearly.

"Let's go in our back room where it's cooler Heather....." Nan
offered. As they were coming down the hall I doubled-checked every-
thing. PERFECT! I could hear Heather going on again about her mother
and brother, etc.

I wasn't prepared for the sight I would see as they entered the room
and sat on the couch across from me. Heather was absolutely
exquisite! She was dressed in a tight, short skirt and top that
clung to her young melons. The video camera had failed to pick up
her stunning beauty before and I turned it on to make sure it had a
second opportunity. Heather was noticing herself in the mirrored
closet doors which freaked me out. I thought she was looking directly
at me hidden inside!

"She just doesn't see me as a woman Mrs. M..." she rambled on.

"Call me Nancy." Nan looked back at her incredulously no doubt as
stunned as me by her looks.

"Okay then.....ah, Nancy....I don't understand why she thinks that
she can sleep with whoever she wants but I can't. I mean isn't this
the body of a woman?" She struck a pose and again looked my way at
the mirrors. Now both of them were looking directly my way and I
thought I was busted for sure.

No answer was necessary. The question was moot. The image in the
mirror was definitely a woman already and I'm certain from Nan's
expression, she was well aware of that fact too.

I watched them as they curled up on the couch with chips, salsa,
and beers. I was surprised to see my wife in the "spirit" of things
so early in the day but seeing Heather, I could understand. My wife
had had a few bi-sexual experiences and was knowledgeable when Heather
told her of her recurring girl/girl dreams. Nan was sitting with
her knee up and was wearing this terrycloth pullover thingamajig.
I really don't know what the ladies call it but it's held up by the
breasts and that's about it. She liked to wear it after a shower.
Nan had it rucked up around her thighs and when she raised her
right knee up, I'm sure Heather could get an eyeful of whatever
Nan had on underneath. When she adjusted her sitting position as
she was listening to Heather and again faced me, I saw that Nan
had nothing on underneath! I should have known as her nipples were
poking against the material on top and she generally liked to wear
this when she was feeling very casual, a little sassy, and very sexy.

"So have you ever been with another female Mrs. M...I mean Nancy?"

"That depends on what you mean?"

"Well...ah, you know?....have you ever....ah...?"

Now it was Nan's turn to share her experience with Heather. I watched
as Nan started relating her college experiences and a noticeable
change took place with Heather. She hung on Nan's every word, played
with her own hair...and squirmed around restlessly on the couch.

As she reached for her 3rd beer she moved in closer as did Nan.
I was starting to get hard in my dark space in the closet. I had
to be careful to be quiet or I could really blow everything. Still,
I couldn't help but reach in my zipper and stroke my hardening cock
as Nan got particulary hushed and detailed about a girlfriend who
had seduced her in their dorm room one drunken night. I don't know
how she suddenly remembered all these tiny details when she told me
she was too plastered to remember hardly any of it!

".....and she was built kind of like you Heather. I was totally
turned on by her body."

"Oh..!" I don't think Heather expected this.

"She had long blond hair like you..." Nan reached out and ran her
fingers through Heather's tresses and ended up caressing the girl's
face lightly.

"And she certainly wasn't as pretty as you....."

"And her breasts weren't quite as large as yours I don't think.....
more like the size of mine." Nan cupped one of her own breasts as
if to demonstrate the size.

"Have you wondered about being with another female?" Nan asked rather
innocently as her hand lingered on her own breast and squeezed it

"Oh yes....I have even wondered what....what you look like......".
Nan lowered her top to reveal her perky perfect cones to the girl
and said, "wonder no more, Heather, but I don't think I am as big
as you."

"These big ol' things, Heather looked down at her own. "Sometimes
they get me in more trouble!" "But yours, you have such pink nipples
for ..."

"Older lady?" Nan finished for her. "I'm not that Old!"

Heather was in the process of staring at my wife's tits...she was
almost transfixed with them. "And I've never seen breasts...stand
up like that."

"Are they hard?"

In answer Nan took Heather's hand and placed it on her breast. I
could tell that both women nearly swooned with the contact. I had
put some lube gel on my hand and was quietly pumping my Johnson.

"They're so SOFT!" Nan had dropped her hand to Heather's leg but
continued to move in towards Heather so she wouldn't let go of the
breast she held.

"MMmmm..... your fingers are very feminine Heather....they feel
nice on me." Nan started to rub gentle circles on Heather's bare
and tanned thigh. Heather's knees were facing the mirror and I
could swear I could make out her white pantied pussy.

Both women stared at one another and then moved in tentatively for
a first kiss. As Nan did so, she moved her hand up farther on
Heather's thigh. Heather responded by slightly opening her legs
revealing more to the mirrored doors and me. I thought my dick
would explode and I moved over to adjust the camera to make sure
it was getting everything.

"That was different..." Heather responded in a more husky voice
than before the kiss.

"MMmmm" her head went back as Nan had apparently made slight
contact with the girls panty clad clit. Heather reached up with one
hand to Nan's other breast and with her right hand began to move
between my wife's thighs. Nan responded by kissing Heather on her
neck and behind her ear eliciting another deep moan from the girl.

"Please.....I want to see you....ALL of you..." Nan was suddenly
lifting the girl off the couch and helping her undress.

When Heather's short, black, skirt dropped to the floor I could
feel the cum boiling in my balls and raring to shoot out. Nan
dropped her own dress and then lifted the blouse off Heather
leaving her in high cut white panties and matching bra. The bra
was much bigger than the panties!

As Heather turned to allow Nan access to her bra clasps, I could
see the wet spot on the front of the girls panties. When her bra
dropped to floor, I shot a load across the floor of the closet and
came with a force I hadn't felt in a long, long time. It was all
I could do to keep from falling down or banging against the closet
door as Heather's canteloupe-sized breasts were bared to Nan and
me. They were globes! Firm and round.

Nan ran her hands over them in admiration and Heather shivered from
the touch of my wife's fingers as they grazed over each of her
hardening nipples. She was stroking them in a way that coaxed the
nipples to full erection whether Heather wanted them hard or not.
Another full on the mouth kiss from Nan sealed Heather's fate as I
saw her knees start to buckle from the excitement of it all. (My
own knees were shaking uncontrollably between the aftermath of the
climax and the seduction that was taking place before me.) Nan
finished the kiss and began to work her way down the girl's long

She stopped at her neck then on down to each full breast to lave
and tongue them. She listened as the girl moaned loudly and nibbled
here and there all over those firm globes and nipples.

Now Nan moved lower to Heather's hard, flat belly stopping to insert
her tongue into her belly button as a prelude of what was to come...
when she would move lower.

Heather squirmed and began a slight thrusting motion as Nan rotated
her head and tongue around and inside the girl's belly button. She
then moved lower and I could tell she was breathing in the aroma and
scent of the girl's moistened pussy on the fabric of her panties. I
was wishing they would turn sideways so I could get a better look of
what my wife was actually doing but from Heather's expressions, it
was getting the job done.

Heather was running her hands through my wife's hair and trying to
guide her to her hot box but Nan was in control. She spun the girl
around and rubbed her back and backside with her hands, lips, and
face. She was truly enjoying the smell of youth and I was envying
her every move. My cock never really went down and I began to stroke
it again to full erection. They were only a few feet from me and they
both stole glances at themselves in the mirrored doors which was like
a personal show for me.

Nan reached up to the sides of Heather's hips and with one fluid
motion tugged her panties down. The girl's ass was high and round
like her tits. Globes of firmness with Nan burying her face once more
in appreciation. Heather reached behind her and was, once again,
trying to move Nan's head in place around front.

This time she only turned half way around and I could see Heather's
full pubis from the side as it protruded out lewdly from the base of
her flat stomach. She had a fine line of moistened blond hairs that
were more like fur than curly pussy hair. It was so light that had
she not been turned sideways, it would have looked like she barely
had any hair at all.

Nan's hand ran up the girl's flat tummy as she licked and kissed her
thighs moving around her. All Heather could do was try to manipulate
Nan's mouth to her wet pussy and moan in frustration. Nan lifted the
girl's foot and placed it up on the bench press bench so she could
"examine" the girls pink pussy up close. As much as Heather needed
relief, Nan wasn't going to give it to her just yet. She wanted to
see this sweetie's goodies and savor them.

I took the moment to go to the camera and operate the zoom lens. The
placement was a stroke of genius as Heather's pink pussy lips covered
with wispy, fine, blond hairs clearly filled up the entire frame. Nan
was lightly placing her fingers on the girls mound and tantalized her
pussy lips with little tickles, pokes, and prods all around her femi-
ninity. Heather saw Nan smell, then lick her coated fingers like she
was sucking a small cock. Heather moaned again and this time Nan
matched her moaning with a sigh of her own from the taste of her
pussy's honey.

It was more than either of them could take. Nan buried her tongue in
the girls pussy and licked her furrow like it was a Ben & Jerry's cone
about to melt.

Heather and I shuddered out in climax in unison as the camera caught
my wife sucking and stroking on Heather's clit resembling a small penis.
I truly thought the floor had fallen out from all of us and this time,
I HAD to sit down in the closet or fall down while my dick squirted
more spunk against the back of the other closet door!

As Heather shook violently from her massive climax, she pressed Nan's
head into her like Nan was going to leave her hanging. She screamed
out in joy as another wave passed over her causing her to fall back on
the couch and pulling Nan with her.

The third and final wave struck her moments later and caused her to
pull away from Nan's sucking mouth like she had received a jolt of
electricity. I think both Nan and I had the same thought: the girl
shook violently then seemed to pass out from sheer joy!

Her heaving huge breasts and sighs gave way to voice, "My GAWD....I
have NEVER CUM LIKE THAT!" I couldn't see Nan's cum-smeared face but
I'm sure she had a huge grin of satisfaction on it from giving this
girl her first multiple releases.

Nan fell back on the other side of the couch in the opposite direction
of Heather and the two girls lay back panting in ecstacy and exhaustion.
Nan had insinuated her own fingers in the crevice of her pussy and was
trying to quell some her own tingling sensations going on down there.

Heather watched in fascination through slitted eyes and then couldn't
resist. She got up and layed her huge tits on each knee of Nan and
proceeded to partake of her first taste of my wife's red pussy. Nan
sighed loudly with Heather licking in like she had previous pussy
licking experience. There was no hesitation from Heather and I could
tell she was thoroughly enjoying the scent and taste of my wife's pussy
(as I had many, many times).

This was too much for me and I finally had to try to be a cameraman
rather than touch my now aching, too-sensitive cock that felt on fire
from stroking and shooting.

Heather settled into a rhythm that Nan approved of by her steady
breathing and sighing. This "assisted" Heather in knowing what to do
since Nan additionally egged her on by saying.." that
....oh, gawd...oh....there..just like that...ngnngh...."

Nan's build up was short. She shuddered out a climax and wrapped her
long legs around Heather's head to hold her at her pulsing mound. I
never recalled her cumming that quickly for me while I ate her!

Heather took an earlier cue from Nan and slowed way down but did not
let up urging Nan to cum again. She usually made me stop from being
too sensitive but here she was, minutes later, pulling this girl's
mouth into her and literally fucking her face.

"Ugnh...ungh.....ungh!...ungh!...." She raised up her pussy with
Heather clinging on to her butt for handles and yelled out an "OOOOHHH!"
as she endured her second and more powerful climax.

Heather "rode" with her all the way and made sure she completed her
cumming. Now Nan was too sensitive and let Heather know how terrific
she was by hugging her closely to her in appreciation and gratitude.

"No...YOU Were wonderful!" They both had the time of their lives and
although I was envious of not being able to add to the scene and badly
wanted to fuck the teenager, I was content that I had captured it all
on video for "future reference".

Soon thereafter, the girls chatted a little about the experience and
then Nan, noticing the clock, said I was due home soon and she had to
get supper going. If only she had known I was already home and hadn't
missed a thing.

"Oh Nancy....I just don't know how I can thank you for being such a
good friend and one I can talk to". "I wish you could talk to Jimmy,
my 15 yr. old brother and help him. He really needs someone to talk
to. He's acting out and everything."

"I don't see why not but call me and we'll see what we can do okay?"

The time! It was almost time for me to get off work! Fortunately for
me Nan hurried Heather out of the house but chatted on the front porch
long enough for me to "organize" things in the closet. I was able to
slip out the side door and call home from the office. There was no
indication from Nan that she had just had a hot, sexual tryst.

Her "act" was of more concern for this "troubled" teenager who also
had a brother who had problems too. She told me at dinner that Heather
was so happy with her "counseling" that she was going to have Nan
"counsel" Jimmy.

"Oh, and thanks for being such a dear and not barging in on us.....
things got pretty heated at times and Heather is real emotional right

Continues in Part 2...


By JennTill

I write alot but this is Part 2 of something written entirely from
a man's perspective. It was very challenging for me to do this and
I'd appreciate YOUR comments, etc.
Hope you like it!


Jimmy didn't know why his sister Heather seemed to be in much
better spirits lately but whatever it was, he wanted some!

He even wondered if she started doing drugs or something.
So when his 17 year-old "big" sister told him that it was her
talk with "Mrs. M" that made everything great, he was more than
a little open to the idea of meeting this mystery person.

Except for one thing: Mrs. M was an adult and as a 15 year old,
Jimmy didn't know what he was going to be in for with this woman.

"Mrs. M", or Nan is my wife. And Nan related how Jimmy felt LONG
after the following event(s) occurred..that's how I know. It was
my insistent questioning which finally got everything out of Nan.
A lot of it I had personally witnessed from my vantage point
in the closet but I wanted to hear it from HER.

She was very concerned at how I would react as I was about her.
We both realized what a turn on this "counseling" stuff was.
However, she didn't know that I KNEW (from my eavesdropping
from the closet). We also both resolved the issue of "cheating"
in our marriage by agreeing to be as open and honest as we
could be with one another. This was something we had long ago
agreed to BEFORE we got married. I think both Nan
and I were a little bored with one another but were both afraid
and out of respect to one another to go "exploring" outside of
our marriage.

I truly think Nan considered it within the boundaries of our
marriage to do a little "counseling" with others. I think she
justified it further because they were "young" people.

She appears to have embarked on a little "counseling" journey of
her own with some of the neighbor "kids" (who really were young
adults doing VERY adult things since most of them were 12!).

This is how Nan justified it in her mind. She wasn't "deflowering"
or exploiting, she was merely "teaching" and helping them be more
responsible about sex. I noticed she ALWAYS made sure she got in
rhetoric about safe sex, using condoms, being responsible, etc.
But she did it in such a way that it hit the mark but wasn't
"preachy" or so sterile as to be a turn off.

If you read part one, you will recall that I had to "spy" on my own
wife to discover her latest "venture". I had suspected her of
cheating. After hiding a video camera in a speaker, I found that my
"weight room" was being used as an active sex teaching room by my
own wife and without me! How I discovered this was that I secreted
away an additional cam-corder and tripod and was able to tape my
wife's "counseling sessions".

"So Jimmy, the answer to your question is to make an appointment
with Mrs. M but you mustn't tell a soul or I won't help you!"
Heather informed her younger brother one day who was "acting out".

Heather had long decided that her brother was "in need" when she
found out he had stolen some of her friends undergarments when she
had had a group spend the night and "party". She also caught him
hiding away girlie magazines and once even walked in on him beating
off to one!

That was MOST embarrassing! It was a Saturday and their Mom and
Dad had gone off with a Realtor to spend the day looking at houses.
Heather had slept in and was leisurely preparing for her shower and
to shampoo her hair. She had no idea that her brother Jimmy was
home (or in the bathroom). He, too, thought he had the house to
himself as when he got up he saw the note from his parents that he
was "on his own" along with a few bucks for an afternoon movie and
lunch at Jack-In-the-Box.

Jimmy didn't even bother to check Heather's room as he had heard them
saying last night that they were going over Amy's house and that they
may spend the night. She said she would call and from his mother's side
of the call later that evening, he thought Heather was staying over.

So Jimmy reached way under his mattress where he kept his "girlie" mags
and decided to read one in the bathroom. It took little stimulation to
get Jimmy going as it seemed like he always had a hard-on lately. He
simply "used" the magazines to fantasize about fucking this one or
that one. What really got him hot was seeing 2 gorgeous girls
together with their perfect pussies and seductive looks aimed right him!
He usually only took a few strokes and he would be "shooting" cum all over
the magazine. He couldn't get enough of orgasms...he loved cumming.
As Jimmy sat on the toilet, he was fantasizing and nearing climax while
totally immersed in the picture of the naked model on the pages.

Heather had casually wrapped a towel around herself and her hair and
quietly padded down the hall to the bathroom. Since the door was
cracked open about 6 inches, she did not suspect anyone was in there
or even in the house for that matter.

Jimmy, too, hadn't worried about locking the door since he thought
he was home alone. Usually his sis had the radio blaring as soon
as she got up so he knew she was home. She usually woke up before him.
Because Heather slept in, she hadn't bothered to set her radio alarm
clock and was enjoying the quiet of this beautiful Saturday morning.

Heather stopped just short of the bathroom door as she thought she heard
rustling noises coming from beyond the cracked door. She truly did not
know what to expect....her heart was beating faster as she suddenly had
the horrible thought that an intruder was in their house! Maybe some
drug crazed maniac looking for presciption drugs!

What Heather saw in the mirror from the hall held her transfixed!
All she could see was a huge (by 15 year old boy standards) hardon being
pumped furiously by the owners fist. Because the toilet was in an alcove
area of the bathroom, the wall hid Jimmy from view unless she opened
the door and walked in and peeked around at him.

Jimmy was totally "involved" in his fantasy and had no idea he wasn't
alone. Heather was completely turned on by the sight of this cock being
jacked off and still wasn't sure whose cock it was. She thought it too
big to be her "little" brothers...and was fixated watching it build to
a cum.

Her own heat was starting as she reached down under her towel in
time to catch a drop of juice leaking from her pussy. She couldn't
believe how quickly she became hot and turned on just by the sight
of someone beating off!

By now Jimmy was beyond the point.....he could feel the nice build up
in his too full balls and was thankful he had unrolled a wad of toilet
paper to catch his hot, big load. The seductive look of the model and
how she insinuated her finger along her pussy lips was too much
for him.

Although it was only moments, Heather felt frozen in time but hot to the
She watched as the "jerker" squeezed and manipulated the shaft and head
of his cock. She took in every movement as well as the variation of speed
in his technique. All this fueled her own wetness when suddenly she saw
his legs shoot straight out together with a long stream of white pearly
cum juice. "AAaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh", Jimmy grunted out and then another
long jet stream of cum landed on his trousers and left shoe. "MMMMmmmmm
mmmMMMmm!" he groaned with the second stream.

At that moment, Heather shuddered her own orgasm without even touching
herself! She couldn't believe hadn't happened like that
since she was a child playing on the monkey bars in the park! She
also realized that it was her own brother at that moment and quickly
stole her way back to her room without so much as a sound. She was
both relieved and troubled that it was her own brother but it really
didn't surprise her that he was masturbating with regularity.

When she got back to her room, she had to get her composure. She still
shook and shuddered from this "unsolicted" orgasm. What was she to do?
She thought quickly and turned on her radio....LOUD.

Jimmy suddenly realized he wasn't home alone and closed and locked
the bathroom door. He then took his time cleaning up and replaced
his magazine back under his bed. Boy, was he glad his sister's alarm
let him know she was home! Imagine if she had walked in on him!

They later converged at the breakfast table and acted as if nothing
was out of the ordinary. Heather knew now that she must get Jimmy
laid and Mrs. M would have to help with a plan.

"So what are YOU doin' home?" Jimmy asked.

"I live here, remember?" Heather snapped back

"Well, I thought you were staying over at Amy's".

"No, her parents started to get into it and we all decided to leave."

"Was Amy's friend there?" Jimmy had a mild crush on Amy's friend
Natalie and Heather knew it.

"Who do you mean?" she played dumb enjoying making him squirm.

"You know...Natalie...". Jimmy managed to blurt out.


"Oh...I dunno..............does she have a boyfriend?" Jimmy asked.

"Well she's 2 years older than you, Jim." That was the first time
Heather had called him "Jim" and she realized that by the size of
his cock, "Jimmy" no longer fit him. She also didn't think Natalie
would turn down her brother's interest even though he was younger.

Natalie was barely 5 foot tall and was real petite while her brother
was starting to approach 6 feet.

Natalie was also known in her friend's circles as being a borderline
nympho. She LOVED to fuck and give head. The whole football
team knew her "personally" and she loved fashioning molded cocks
in the shape of her conquests. These she used as dildoes on those
rare occasions when she couldn't get layed.

"So what did you think of my suggestion of meeting Mrs. M?" Heather

"Oh....Ah...I dunno...why do you want me to meet her?"

"Let's just say she can help you with growing pains," Heather offered

"Well I'm not looking to get lectured if that's what this is about,"
Jim defensively retorted.

"Look, I'm sure you will like her and she will like you. I'm just real
concerned about you as my brother. I don't want you to get into any
more real trouble."

Heather picked up the phone as she was talking to Jimmy and dialed
up Mrs. M. She was relieved when she answered the phone.

"My brother needs to see you today, can you see him? Are you

"Just a sec, Heather....."

It was at this point that Nan explained to me that I had to "get lost"
for awhile....that one of her more problem "kids" was in crisis and
needed someone to talk to.

I was relieved for a couple of reasons. One was that I got out of
doing yardwork and the other was that I knew what she was going
to be up to. I quickly said, "Great! I'll get my clubs and head for
a little golf. I haven't played in ages!"

Nan smiled and told Heather to give her an hour and bring her
brother on over.

I stole into the weight room and closet to make sure everything
was in place and to grab up my clubs.

"I guess I'll see you in about 4 or 5 hours then, Nan..."

I gave her a quick peck and headed out to the garage and the
Fortunately the Clubhouse was within walking distance of our
house. This was perfect! I could park there and sneak back

When I got to the bar, I gave Nan a quick call to tell her that
if so and so called to meet me at the bar. This further cinched
my "story".
She said not to call or bother her again as she was just getting
into the shower.


I would let myself in while she was showering and she wouldn't

suspect a thing!
After a brisk walk back to the house, I could hear the water in
the plumbing running outside and knew she was in the shower.
I quickly snuck in the back door and slipped into the big walk-in
closet where I unpacked my camera gear and set up the tri-pod.
Once again, my view was perfect of the entire room where I knew
Nan's "trysts" took place.

I heard Nan getting "ready"....running the hair dryer, humming a
no name tune. She was definitely READY.

Soon the doorbell rang and her "guests" had arrived.
I could hear Heather introducing her brother "Jim" and was
anxious to see her again. I really was curious what was going
to happen but wouldn't have too long to wait.

"My husband is playing golf today so we don't have too much
time. Heather grab some beers and meet us down in the fitness

Nan steered Jim down the hall and they entered my "stage" and
sat down across from my vantage point.

Before Nan could get Jimmy settled and ask him anything Heather
showed up with a tray of beers and chips and blurted out, "Mrs. M,
you're the only one who can talk some sense into my brother. He's
starting to hang out with the wrong crowd and he's getting pretty
weird with my friends. I can't even have them over!"
Jim was acting both defiant and as if he wanted to duck under the
sofa cushions and hide.

Unknown to any of us, his mind was filled with the vision of my wife's
ample ass swaying back and forth when she had just escorted him
down the hall to this room.

When she sat down, her terrycloth dress had ridden up her thigh
revealing her beautiful legs to the horny teenager. She knew it would
have the desired effect and that she would be able to "work" him.
Nan looked at Jim after Heather spoke and sensed his uncomfortble-
ness with the situation.

"Heather, why don't you let Jim and me have a chance to chat awhile."
Everyone seemed relieved at this suggestion and Heather felt assured
that from their past conversations about her brother that he would come
home a changed man.

"'K Mrs. M.....I'll see ya later, Jim?" It was more a statement than
a question. Jim wasn't sure if he would be able to deal with this
situation if his sister were there. For that matter, he had no idea
what to expect or what this was about!

"Let's just get acquainted, Jim." Nan offered him a beer knowing he was
underage but felt this would put them more on an even playing field.
As Jim opened the brew he noticed how truly beautiful "Mrs. M" was.
He was caught by her red hair and green eyes, a combination that
reminded him of his young "first love" a few years ago. Jim also
noticed Nan's fragrance wafting his way right after her shower.
He was glad that she didn't wear a lot of makeup.

"So Jim, why do you think you're here?"

"I dunno"

"Sure you do.....what does everyone mean about you 'acting up'?"

"I guess 'cause I'm in everyone's way," he answered looking down.

"Oh c'mon....a handsome guy like everyone's way?" She
meant it, I could tell. The kid had long, blond hair that was
naturally curly and framed a chiseled handsome face that was young
but not babyish.

Jim blushed at Nan's comment.

"What do you mean you think you're in everyone's way?"

" sister has all her friends over and they don't want me
around. One of them left her underwear in my room and they accused
me of taking them. I don't even like that girl! I like......."
He realized too late that he was being a little too open with this
stranger. Nan, sensing his uneasiness, baited him splendidly.

"What kind of girl do you like?....what should she be?"

As Jim opened up with Nan's "nudging" here and there, he
was feeling completely at ease with her. By then they had
had about 3 beers each and were both aware of the other's

At one point Jim was nearly lost in Nan's green eyes and
felt like she was looking into his very soul.

"Have you ever been with a girl Jim?"

"Sure," he blurted out defensively. "Have YOU?"

Nan was caught off guard with this question.
"You mean have I been with a girl?"

".....Yeah, " Jim hadn't really intended on prying but hey,
what the heck, maybe she was in one of his magazines for
all he knew.

"Well yes.....some......back in college. It was all innocent
stuff. One time......." She proceeded to go into graphic detail
about a college frat party and how after they all got drunk one of
her girlfriends took her home. Nan made sure she told the story
to see if this really was of interest to Jimmy.

She didn't have long to wait. As she told her story in animated
fashion, she noticed a sizable bulge in the boys jeans.

I couldn't help but have a hardon too since I hadn't heard her
tell this story in quite such "seductive" and graphic detail.
Jim couldn't believe his ears! "Mrs. M" was being so open
he could practically see her and her friend together licking each
other's pussies. His boner was hurting it was so hard and
contrained in his jeans. He tried to be casual but twitched
around on the couch to adjust his hardon.

Nan noticed but didn't break sentence. She, too, took the
opportunity to grab her beer from the table and allow her
dress to ride up further while her elastic band top was pulled
down further over her breasts exposing cleavage.

Jim's eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight of my
wife's hard nipples pressing against the material. He could
tell they weren't in the least bit saggy too.

I was peering though a crack in the closet (around the well-
placed fake palm tree) and had a view of the whole scenario.
I had started my video camera and let it pick up this forthcoming
seduction of Jim by my wife.

" does that make you think less of me, Jim?"

......"wha' ma'am" Jim stammered. His eyes were
glued to my wife's exposed thigh and he had laid back on the couch
arm to try and see underneath her hem and get a glimpse of her crotch.
The boy's dick was like a cucumber in his jeans. I don't think I've
seen a dong that big on a young kid.

Nan was noticing too as she said...."do you like the idea of 2 women
getting together?"

"Oh YES!" Jim threw out the words out of his mouth.

"Really?....Why?" Nan coyly asked.

"Well 2's better'n one!"

"And you're speaking from experience I take it?" Nan was really playing
him now.

", not really but I have friends who've done it."

"From the looks of that bulge in your pants I'd say you appreciated me
sharing my experience."

Now Jim was totally flustered and seemingly started to get up to run.
Nan quickly grabbed his arm and as she did so, the elastic top of her
terrycloth dress fell down below her firm tits exposing them to Jim, me,
and the video camera taking it all down.

"It's OK Jim," she hung on to him. "I won't bite you"!
She grazed her nails across his stiffened rod with her other hand and
sheepishly asked, "can I see what you have here?....I'm showing you

Jim didn't hardly know what to say or do. His dick being tickled by
my wife felt incredible and her pink nipples staring up at him were
begging to be touched, kissed, and licked.

I had my own dick out and could hardly hold back cumming on the
spot in my dark hiding space in the closet.

Jim stayed frozen to the spot as Nan methodically undid the buttons
on his 501 Levis one by one.
When she got down to the last button she could see the head of his
stiff cock sticking out of the top of his briefs.
She looked him right in the eye as she reached up to pull the elastic
top down and expose one starched stiff boner that sprang into her
view right at mouth level.

"May I....?" She didn't wait for an answer as she gripped the rod
near the base and nuzzled it to her cheek and nose. Like a fine wine,
she was taking in his youthful "bouquet" and with my zoom lens, I
could see a pearly drop of cum appear on the head of his dick.

I'm not gay, but at that moment I could understand wanting to suck
a cock as beautiful as the one I was looking at through my lens.
It was young, clean, and hard and begging to be engulfed which is
exactly what my wife did!

As she placed her mouth over his entire length, I heard him groan and
saw him reach out and cup one of my wife's tits.
I shot off my wad just as her nose reached his brownish blonde
pubic curls and saw her cheeks bulge out with the fullness of him.
I nearly fell down! I couldn't believe I was so turned on by the sight
of my wife sucking this stud's cock. I almost wished I could "share"
it with her as I saw her slowly let the wetted length of him slide out
from her tightened lips.

She never quite let the head escape and he threw his head back in
sheer ecstacy as Nan's mouth once again went down the entire length
of his pole.
As she did this, her left hand reached under and cupped his full balls
and I thought the kid was going to fill her then and there.
AAWWWGGGGhHHHH! Was all the sound in the room as she sucked
him down again and again.

By about the sixth downstroke, the kid couldn't hold back and con-
vulsed in body wracking orgasm.....he nearly fell down to the floor!
At one point his dick pulled out of Nan's mouth and a stream shot right
at her face with a glob of cum trailing from between her eyes down the
left side of her nose to the corner of her mouth.

"MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm".....Nan moaned out in true appreciation.

"You taste like tart sugar," she said gratefully.

Jim was still shaking uncontrollably as Nan hung on to his rod for
dear life. It was almost a comical sight as her tits jiggled with her
efforts to keep him from falling down. Suddenly they both hit the
floor and in the process, Nan's terrycloth "dress" was pulled down to
her waist fully exposing her top with the pink eraser nipples sticking

She fell nearly into his mouth and her left breast became engulfed by
his hand and lips as he suckled her tit like a man dying of thirst.

She threw her head back as he squeezed and sucked and I noticed that
his dick wavered in the air freely with no sign of softening.

"I must........" Jim grabbed at my wife's hips and started to pull up
her dress over her head. She all but helped him and to his surprise
(and mine!) she wasn't wearing any panties.

There, in all its glory, was my wife's wispy red haired soaking pussy
ready to be fucked. MY PUSSY! I knew what it tasted like and I wanted
some of it NOW!

But Jim did too.

He was inching his way down while Nan was inching her way up!
Nan nearly melted as Jim sucked her pussy in.

I don't think I have ever seen a guy eat pussy like that. It was like
he was starving and this was a drippy steak hot off the BBQ! He lapped
and sucked at her like he hadn't done it in years. Nan, for her part,
was "fucking" his mouth like riding a horse. She rubbed him raw I'm

her lungs as Jim sucked her little dick clit and made her cum and
shudder like an earthquake struck.

OOOOhhhh GGGAAAAWWWWWDDD! She screamed again and again and didn't stop
her fucking motion for one second. 1, 2, then 3 rolling orgasms and
Jim was licking away and gasping for breath.

She finally fell off him exhausted, naked, and soaking wet. Jim's
face looked like he had had it painted with cum from hairline to neck.
Nan's chest heaved as she gasped for breath and shivered with after-
shock orgasms.

Jim, ever so slowly, lumbered up and removed the rest of his clothes.
His pole never lost any firmness but waivered menacingly above Nan
as he took off his t-shirt and let it fall beside them.

My dick was so hard it hurt! This kid was going to skewer my wife
right then and there in front of me! I had never seen anyone fuck my
wife and I didn't know what was running through Nan's mind. Would
she resist? Would she say enough!

My speculation was answered as Jim sunk to his knees between Nan's
and stared directly at her sopping pussy framed by matted red hair.
There he knelt....not moving and she just staring into his menacing
face with the hard rod gently bobbing up and down just above her

"please......" I don't know if it was a plea to "fuck me," "don't
hurt me," or "don't do this to me" whispered from Nan's lips.

Jim ignored her and firmly grasped his dick at the base. He lowered
himself to rub his entire length along the length of her wet crack.
He was teasing her! He made sure that she couldn't move to take him
in (and she TRIED!) as he continued to taunt her clitoris by just
rubbing his dick over and over along her pussy lips.

I don't know how he held out from plunging into her! Nan did every-
thing to try to capture his cock but he used his power and strength
to (and willpower) to keep her from getting it.

"What?......" he asked her almost in a comic-like Howie Mandel fashion.

Nan moaned in response and tried once again to grab his cock.
He playfully pulled it away from her and asked again, "WHAT?"....


Jim was thoroughly enjoying this. He was in control over a 30 year
old woman and he was going to make her beg to be fucked by him!

"Please what?"...Jim was really getting into his role.

I was pulling on my revived dick and knew that the second he made
entry into my wife's pussy, I was a goner. My balls were tighter than
I ever remembered them being and I only wished I had a mouth or a
pussy wrapped around MY dick!


It was like magic to the guy's ears.
He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Nan's pussy.
She was laying absolutely flat with her legs jutted straight out to the
sides. I could see her red haired mons protruding like a small hill at
the base of her flat belly and knew the sight Jim was seeing with her
pink pussy lips flaired apart in anticipation.

"NNNnnnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhh"...they simutaneously grunted as
Jim's cock speared into her well lubricated pussy.

My balls felt like they had been squeezed as I shot my wad clear
across the closet just as Nan took in his cock to the hilt.
They held perfectly still enjoying the feel of one another as I
continued to pull cum out of the head of my dick and writhed
in near pain from the sight of this.

Suddenly they both started fucking like someone had thrown
a switch. Nan thrusting up to meet him stroke for stroke and
Jim driving like it was his last fuck.

"Ingh....inghh.....ingghh!" they both grunted like animals

I couldn't believe this guy's stamina! He wasn't in the least
bit winded and he didn't falter a stroke even once!


I could tell Nan was a goner....She screamed like she had
been hit with a hot poker. She came and came what seemed
like endless orgasms and still Jim plowed into her not missing
a beat.

"Ingh....ingh.......ingh." Again and again I heard Nan start low
and gutteral and build to one orgasm after another. I couldn't
believe this! I never remembered her being able to cum like that!
She must have cum 5 times when I saw Jim stiffen like a board
and match her scream for scream as they both peaked together.
YEOW! They both yelled and sweat like prizefighters taking and
giving punches to one another.

Jim fell like a limp rag on top of Nan who pushed him off and
rolled away both in pure, lustful exhaustion.
I wanted to break out of my hiding and "rescue" her but dared
not make a sound. I was so fearful of blowing my cover...
especially when I came--and I did four times!

Nan "finished" up with Jim by inspiring him to greatness
with women. She took him in the living room and kitchen
and I could hear her giving him some true, heartfelt advice
about life, love, happiness, and sibling rivalry.

While she chatted on, I took those moments to sneak back
out and walk to the clubhouse.

I decided to have a drink there to calm my nerves before
calling home.

When I did, Nan told me to come home, that she was
getting dinner on, and how was my golf game? Well, other
than having a difficult time with my balls, I saw a hole
in one!


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